ICFF ’15: The Top 5 flicks of the fest

With the Italian Contemporary Film Festival wrapping up today, we decided to gather up our fave flicks from this year’s festival for you. If you missed them at the festival, grab a copy at your local video store (there must be at least some still around, right?!) and check out these ought-to-be-hits!


So Far So Good (Fino A Qui Tutto Bene)
dir. Roan Johnson


A group of friends we wish we were a part of face last minute dilemmas as they prepare to move on with their post graduate lives. It’s a glimpse into the enviable dynamic amongst these friends who support each other, poke fun at each other, and set each other straight when needed. This adorable, funny and touching movie was our first fave from this festival thanks to it’s creative plot, superb script and brilliant acting.


The Dinner (I Nostri Ragazzi)
dir. Ivano De Matteo


When the lives of two families come together under duress, every member must put their beliefs to the test in this tense examination of family dynamics and their moral responsibilities. With a tight, seamless plot, intriguing and human characters, and a frightening end, we cannot emphasize how much this movie should be watched and enjoyed by everyone!


Do You See Me? (Scusate Se Esisto)
dir. Riccardo Milani


Featuring an intelligent, beautiful and gracefully clumsy leading lass, a brilliant, good-looking and charmingly wonderful leading man, this is a rom-com that doesn’t end with the two mains hooking up at the end! In fact, it’s probably one of the very, very few rom-coms that pass the Bechdel test with flying colours. This is the exact sort of “chick flick” (for lack of a better term) that we need to see more of in North America.


The Invisible Boy (Il Ragazzo Invisibile)
dir. Gabriele Salvatores


A bullied boy discovers that he possesses the amazing ability to turn invisible at will and is suddenly called to put this newfound superpower to use in order to save his friends. If you’re tired of the same old Marvel movies, The Invisible Boy (Il Ragazzo Invisibile) is just the thing to satisfy your hunger for creative, original, clever superhero fun.


Noi e la Giulia (The Giulia and Us)
dir. Edoardo Leo

copertina_noi e la giulia-620x350

A group of down-on-their-luck friends, a suspiciously cheap farmhouse, mobsters, a vintage Giulia with a faulty radio and communism: that pretty much sums up this madcap caper film that’ll have you gasping with joyful shock and laughing with unbridled glee. Featuring a motley crew of lovable characters, you’ll probably never tire of this film!


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