GIMME FIVE: Reasons why ‘Josie and the Pussycats’ is purrfect for Toronto’s MUFF


Okay, I have to to come clean. My decision to screen Josie and the Pussycats for this month’s MUFF Society event in Toronto is a wee bit selfish, as it’s one of my very favourite movies and nobody ever screens it (travesty!) and I just really wanted to watch it on something other than my mum’s TV with my cat as company. (Now the REAL dream would be if I could figure out how to get my cat to a movie theatre with me. #lifegoals)


Except, Josie and the Pussycats is actually a really great movie. Anyone who says otherwise is just denying the truth. The truth that DuJour’s “Backdoor Lover” should be everyone’s anthem. In fact, Hilary, have you picked a campaign song yet? I’ve got one for you. Here’s five reasons why Josie is totally jerkin’:

1. Female Friendships


Sometimes I hate saying the phrase “female friendship,” but, hey, when a movie is all about three best friends from a small town trying to balance fame and supporting each other, you’ve got to give it props.

Basically, fame is evil, Tretorns are the new Adidas, friends are everything, and puppies never get old and die don’t believe what anyone says. There’s also something to be said for the “be yourself” message. Unless it looks like you have a skunk on your head. Now all we need to do is figure out how to get a triple bus pass with our best friends. FRIENDS FOREVER!

 2. Deborah Kaplan

Co-director/writer Deborah Kaplan (along with her writing partner Harry Elfont) are not only responsible for this glorious masterpiece, but also delightful films like Can’t Hardly Wait, Leap Year, Made of Honor and A Very Brady Sequel. Basically Deborah rocks our world. And also we really need to watch A Very Brady Sequel again.


Some people (fools) might argue about whether or not this is a good movie, but nobody can deny how elfin’ amazing the album is. Isn’t it convenient this article on AV Club just came out? Also, did you know this movie album went gold?! A pretend band had a gold album—mind blown.

But also, sigh, why couldn’t this be a real band? Well, because Rachel Leigh Cook can’t sing. I was crushed when I first learned that, but then I discovered Kay Hanley (Josie’s singing voice) and Letters to Cleo and my life was forever changed. Ben Wyatt knows what’s what: Letter To Cleo is one of the greatest bands ever.

4. The Satire

A lot of people complained about all of the product placement in the movie BUT OH MY GOD GUYS THAT WAS THE POINT. JEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ. There was a Target airplane and McDonald’s bathroom because the filmmakers were poking at how materialistic, trend-driven, and branded our world has become.


5. It inspired legions of girls to become musicians.

I couldn’t have been the only girl who went out and bought a guitar, determined to start an all-girl rock band and rule the world through song, right? But hopefully some of you inspired gals out there actually had musical talent, unlike me, which I sadly discovered after trying to become said rockstar. (I also made myself a Josie costume for Halloween. I was in deep, guys. So deep.)


So will we be seeing you at the Carlton tonight for our screening of Josie and the Pussycats? BETTER BE! We’ll also be screening an amazing short film before, She Sings For Me, as part of the Mini MUFF Society. The film starts at 7 p.m., but you should come early for the photobooth magic.


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