‘Amy Schumer’ takes on “dogs” at bachelor parties


Comedy Central is delivering the female centric comedy that we deserve. After years of making do with hackneyed romantic comedies and “ladies be shoppin’” jokes, we have the majesty of Broad City and Inside Amy Schumer. This season of Amy Schumer’s sketch comedy show has been particularly fantastic, and every week she’s been delivering sketches about relationships and broader gender issues that are straight from my half-drunken rants. And last night’s episode, “Fight Like a Girl,” is no exception, so let’s look at it, sketch by sketch!


The first sketch makes bachelor parties even more gross and absurd by using dogs to show just how gross they are. The only thing more absurd than a stereotypical bachelor party is a stereotypical bachelor party where the attendees are literal dogs instead of just acting like dogs. Watching Amy Schumer awkwardly try to seduce a Jack Russell Terrier is pretty fantastic.

MOMENT OF THE SKETCH: The entirety of Amy and her bodyguard’s conversation while stealing a printer after their gig goes bad.


“Say Fine to the Shirt” is the parody of Say Yes to the Dress that I’ve been waiting for. Justin Long is hilarious as the disinterested man-child who’s been dragged to the clothing store by his overeager girlfriend. This sketch works excellently because of Amy and the shirt salesman’s commitment to excitedly dragging a temperamental Long through racks of Tommy Bahama dad shirts. For me, the joke was funny, but didn’t land as much since this isn’t really an experience that I’ve had.

MOMENT OF THE SKETCH: Justin Long’s face when he looks in the mirror and feels “like a butterfly.”


This is the best sketch of this episode. The entire time watching it, I was having flashbacks of my own ex-boyfriend’s wardrobe atrocities, namely, a horrific pair of tan plaid pants. This and the previous sketch pretty excellently lampoon the difference in style standards between men and women. For the most part, men can just wear jeans and a nice button-down and be well-dressed, whereas women have to go all out. This was confirmed in one of Amy’s asides on the street where she talked to a woman whose only requirement for men to be well-dressed were that his clothes “fit.”

MOMENT OF THE SKETCH: Mountain of crocs.


The mail-order boyfriend sketch is weird, but I guess being weird is the point of the sketch. It made me laugh at its weirdness, but it’s not necessarily my sense of humour. I like that Amy makes fun of all kinds equally, herself most of all. This was a prime example of Amy taking a small joke or real-life moment and blowing it up to its most absurd.

MOMENT OF THE SKETCH: Vlad pushing the Seamless delivery guy away by his face, tied with Amy romantically grabbing lobster from her mail-order husband’s lips.

This episode is pretty darn great! While nothing lands as well as the 12 Angry Men parody or “Last Fuckable Day,” a couple of the sketches are pretty great. For many shows, the third season is where the show really starts to find its voice, and this has been completely true of Amy Schumer. I am so pleased to see how Schumer’s comedy has developed with having this public platform, and I can’t wait to see how she approaches romantic comedy when Trainwreck comes out.

As a last thing, I really enjoyed the discussion of open relationships at the end of the show, particularly the girl in the couple talking about taking advantage of her sexuality. While there are funny moments, it feels like a surprisingly frank discussion of alternative relationship models and it’s pretty cool to see something besides hetero-normative monogamy represented on a network.


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