Talking about ‘The Mindy Project’s future in Canada with the man who kept it here


We know you, like us, love the fact that The Mindy Project got picked up by Canada’s City TV, saving us Canadians from mourning the fact that we don’t have Hulu–you know, Mindy‘s new home in the States–for the entire fall. But how did this amazing feat actually happen for us lucky gals (and dudes!) located north of the American border? We got some answers straight from the man who was instrumental in keeping the show here.

Speaking with Cinefilles at the 2015 Rogers Upfront Presentation on Tuesday morning, Vice President of Television Programming and Content Hayden Mindell said that he was eager to retain the rights to Mindy after Hulu revived it following Fox’s end-of-season cancellation.

“I love the show. She’s a distinct and creative voice, which is what we want more of on our channel,” he revealed in a one-on-one interview. “There was an opportunity to get her exclusively and we jumped on it.”

According to Mindell, this deal didn’t come together until “a few weeks ago” (a.k.a. when we found out about it), but he’d been thinking about for “a little while,” presumably as soon as he and City found out the show might be gone forever. And he’s not fazed at all by Mindy Kaling’s recent admission that bringing the show to Hulu may mean racier, edgier storylines on his network at 9:30 p.m. on a weekday night.

“As long as it meets the Canadian standards, [we’ll air it]!” Mindell says, even if he admits that he watched last season’s, uh, ballsy, episode about anal sex thinking, “Oh my god!”

And as for the airdate being moved to Thursday, that has nothing to do with anything Hulu is planning for the show. It was completely Mindell’s choice, a reflection of his vision for the overall City schedule. He explains, “[I] wanted to make sure it had a good lead-in. Mom brings in a large audience and is a great lead-in for the show.”

(P.S. –  For City’s full fall schedule, including more about Mom and new acquisition Scream Queens, head to this TV Junkies story from earlier today.)

At this point, Mindell has no idea which day Hulu wants to stream their Mindy episodes, and as a result, there “may be a slight lag” in terms of broadcasting them in Canada. And considering that Netflix Canada currently has the rights to previous seasons, he’s not sure where these new installments will end up post-airing (Rogers and Shaw joint streaming platform Shomi?). But the good news is, he wants to keep Mindy safe and sound in her Canadian home for as long as she’s around.

“As a broadcaster, we’ve always had Mindy and we want to keep having Mindy, and keep bringing audiences to Mindy for the future.”


Image courtesy of Fox.


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