WOMAN CRUSHIN’ IT WEDNESDAY: Katharine Isabelle on April Mullen (’88’), Jen and Sylvia Soska (‘American Mary’)

Anyone who has seen Ginger Snaps and American Mary can attest that Katharine Isabelle is a total genre badass. But which women does she think are kicking ass in the industry?

We spoke with Isabelle over the phone last week in support of 88, her new film. In the thriller, Isabelle plays a vengeful woman torn between two personalities as a result of memory loss (think Kill Bill meets Memento), but the actress is far from torn when it comes to her WOMAN CRUSHIN’ IT WEDNESDAY (#WCIW) picks.

You may know Jen and Sylvia Soska from their work with Isabelle, as the homegrown horror darlings and delightfully twisted sisters have directed her in two films (American Mary and See No Evil 2). Meanwhile, 88 director and star April Mullen became the youngest person and first lady to helm a live-action movie with Dead Before Dawn 3D.  Find out why Isabelle thinks all three of these ladies rule below!


WCIW - Katharine and girls 2

April and the twins are my heroes and my role models. I would love to aspire to be anywhere close to how kickass those ladies are. They inspire myself, they inspire the crews we work with, to go far, far beyond what we thought we could do.

… I’ve grown up in this [industry] a long time and especially with young, newer directors, you want to do everything to support them. But it’s more personal when it’s someone like April or the twins. I mean, they’re not the most boring people you’ve ever met. They’re amazing, they’re fun, they’re interesting, they’re inspiring, and we support each other and we love it.

Who do you want to see participate in WOMAN CRUSHIN’ IT WEDNESDAY?Let us know below!


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