WOMAN CRUSHIN’ IT WEDNESDAY: Jeanne Beker on Christina Jennings (‘Carmilla’ & ‘MsLabelled’)

Forget Woman Crush Wednesday. It’s all about Woman Crushin’ It Wednesday from now on!

We’re starting a brand new recurring column on Cinefilles and it’s all about women in the industry talking about other women in the industry they think are killing it right now. It’s our spin on the popular Woman Crush Wednesday (#WCW to the social mediaites) and it’s right in line with our mandate of trying to support and spread the word about underappreciated, but awesome ladies in film and TV. But enough explanining. Let’s get to our first #WCIW pick, which comes from none other than former Fashion Television host and Canadian style icon Jeanne Beker!

We got the chance to speak with Beker while she was promoting her new Shopping Channel series, Style Matters with Jeanne Beker, and she was enthusiastic to talk about Christina Jennings, chairman and CEO of Shaftesbury Films. Jennings started production company Shaftesbury in the ’80s, but the company has hit its stride recent with TV series like Murdoch Mysteries and The Listener. Recently, Jennings started some more production companies, one of which is producing MsLabelled, a web series featuring and produced by Beker. She’s also the Chair of the Canadian Film Centre’s Board of Directors.


WCIW - Jeanne and Christina with Label

[Christina] is a real force to be reckoned with. Not only is she probably the most successful producer of dramatic programming in this country, but she’s also embracing new technology. She’s started a fantastic new company called Shift2, which is all about producing stuff for the web and Smokebomb Productions, which is the production [company] I’m working with. She’s got a real zest and passion for young people and the voices that they have in terms of hiring young talent to really give them a chance to have their voices heard. I think she’s just taking the business to a whole new, interesting place.

She’s already produced one scripted web series—it’s called Carmilla—and like, what an out-the-box thing. This is a vampire series sponsored by Kotex! But this is just something they did on the fly and it ends up getting this cult following. We’re working on [MsLabelled] together and I think she’s just inspiring me in untold ways.

I’ve seen her at pitch meetings, just personal speaking, and she’s one of those passionate people, one of the most passionate, accomplished women I’ve ever had the chance to work with.

MsLabelled premieres new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday via VervegirlTV.

Who do you want to see participate in WOMAN CRUSHIN’ IT WEDNESDAY (#WCIW)? Let us know below!


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