GIMME FIVE: Things we want from ‘Orphan Black’ Season 3

Orphan Black’s Season 3 premiere is rapidly approaching, and that means that it’s time to catch up with our favorite clones and cross our fingers that they aren’t killed off over the next few months (please don’t hurt Cosima, please don’t hurt Cosima!). And even though it looks like there are plenty of Y chromosome characters mixing in this season (see: the full-set debut of the Project Castor clones, the reappearance of fan favourites Detective Bell, Cal, and that rat Paul), there’s more than enough feminine badassery to go around.

“Coming up with new clones is one of the really exciting, fun things that we do,” Graeme Manson, co-creator and showrunner, said in an interview with Forbes on Thursday. “I think it helps keep it really fresh for Tat. She’s always up for big challenges like that. We like to continue discovering diversity in this circle of women.”

“Exciting” might be an understatement. With Helena in the wind (or rather, with the Castor clones in some god-forsaken part of the world), Delphine on her way out of the country, and Sarah left to wring her hands, here are five things that we’re really hoping go down next in Season 3:

Cophine, Cophine, Cophine!

As previously mentioned, when we last left the unruly group, Cosima had suffered some serious damage thanks to her horrific medical conditions (at this point, can we just call it “Clone Breakdownitis”?). Now with Delphine on foreign soil, running the Dyad Institute’s cloning program in Frankfurt as assigned by Rachel, the on-again, off-again couple is in a bind.

“I think its pretty obvious that there’s a bit of friction between Delphine and Cosima,” co-star Jordan Gavarais (who plays the lovable foster brother Felix) told AfterEllen‘s Trish Bendix back in January. “There’s a lot going on. Delphine’s loyalty is kind of messy.”

Come on, Delphine! Get it together. This is one OTP that needs to sort itself out pronto. Short of that, hopefully we’ll at least get a few more scenes of the two working in the lab again. Sigh.

Donnie and Alison kicking some serious ass

It’s amazing the things that therapy can do for a couple. And by therapy we mean, of course, killing someone and burying their body in your garage (teamwork!). It’s not every day that you meet someone willing to help clean up your messes and not turn you into the police. That’s why we’re really hoping that this dynamic duo gets a good amount of screen time this season. And it sounds like they might!

“The couple that slays together stays together,” Kristian Bruun, who plays Donnie, said in an interview with Zap2it earlier this month. “Now that Donnie and Alison are working together, it’s time for us to take over. We’re a power couple in the suburbs now. We get down to business.”

Barring any angry glue gun moments, this couple’s once on-the-rocks relationship is now standing firmly on solid, shovel-packed, cement-covered ground, and we’re just happy to see them ruling the roost at last. The only thing that could make this season better would be another musical about murder–or at least a one-woman monologue about how horrible Aynsley’s scarves were.

Mommy Helena

We’ve been going around in circles with Helena lately. The woman who started off as nothing more than a hit-woman and a brainwashed zealot seemingly turned over a new leaf last season, rescuing Sarah from a tragic end in a fancy shower stall, escaping the clutches of yet another religious cult, and joining the Clone Club for good (or so we thought). But the warm fuzzies that Season 2’s dance party might have conjured up were snatched away when a pair of Project Castor cronies chloroformed her in the hallway outside Felix’s place and dragged her off to God Knows Where.

“Our little monster is pregnant,” Manson confirmed to on Wednesday, indicating that the volatile blonde badass will have to deal with a slew of cravings, confinement, and the possibility of motherhood in her own errant, defiant way. Here’s hoping that Helena will at least be allowed to snack on pickles and ice cream (preferably together) in her cell while clipping photos of baby cribs (preferably not with scissors).

Sarah, finally getting some down time with Cal and Kira

It’s been two seasons and our heroine Sarah Manning hasn’t had a moment to breathe yet. Okay, there was that one night with Paul … and those few days with (dreamy) Cal. But seriously, it’s time to put a stop to the madness and just let Sarah indulge in a little relaxing vacation time with her mini-family without having to worry about someone breaking in and stealing her daughter (again–that poor child).

Unfortunately, this is a sci-fi, action-thriller series, so there’s literally no rest for the wicked. While Manson told TV Guide that Cal has white picket fences and Sunday morning pancake breakfasts in mind, it’s unlikely that he’ll get any of it–at least not any time soon. With Sarah seemingly on the run, protecting her fellow clones at all costs, there’s really not much to do but sit back and start wringing our hands now. Will Sarah finally be able to let her seestras fend for themselves, or will that gut instinct messiah complex kick in early this time around? Our money is on the latter.

And of course, the most important thing that we’re hoping to see this season….

Rachel in an eye patch

Seriously. If she’s going to be awful, she might as well look like a pirate while doing it.

Catch the ORPHAN BLACK  premiere this Saturday, April 18 at 9 p.m. ET on BBC America and Space.


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