GIMME FIVE: Moments we need from ‘The Mindy Project’ Season 4 (on Hulu!!)

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UPDATE: Mindy herself has confirmed that THE MINDY PROJECT has been picked up by Hulu for Season 4! Let’s all rejoice and praise the power of Beyonce Pad Thai!

Who else is feeling really unfulfilled by that Mindy Project finale? Join the club. It’s made up of … all of us who watch the show.

Seriously, though, while the Season 3 ender was still pretty damn great, what with Danny rockin’ a sweet beard and Dr. Ellie Satler Laura Dern playing a Russian gyno, there were so many things left unresolved. And with Season 4 still not confirmed, there is a legit possibility that we’ll never get the closure we need.

Of course, Mindy Kaling is hopeful that we’ll get a Season 4 (see the tweet above), and that’s why she wrote that cliffhanger ending.  But at this point, we can’t be sure, especially since the finale ratings were not great, Bob! So that’s why I’m gonna make the case for why Season 4 is an absolute necessity with the help of the five moments we need from The Mindy Project before it (possibly) leaves us forever in a fever dream of coloured coats, rom-com references and red reading glasses.

5) Danny meeting Mindy’s parents, and thus, us meeting them


Big cliffhanger of the S3 finale ought to be resolved at the start of S4, right? And how much comedy could be found in Danny introducing himself to Mindy’s shocked parents while also trying to force wine and fancy novels on them as peace offerings? SO. MUCH.

Also, we need to know who brought the light of our lives, Mindy Lahiri, into the world. Bets are Mindy Kaling is still trying to figure out who can play that dynamic duo, and will spend the summer working on nailing those peeps down once she gets the renewal news. (Stay hopeful, guys! Mindy would!)

4) Mindy’s parents meeting Danny’s mom (and Dot)


Again, we don’t know who is playing Mindy’s parents yet, but we don’t need to know who they are to know that them meeting Danny’s Italian mom and her life partner Dot will be hilarious. Anything with Annette/Dot is outrageously perfect (see: their finale vests).

3) That Baby in That Onesie


Note that I didn’t include a wedding on this list because that was a sore point for Danny/Mindy in the finale, and I don’t want to judge couples who want to keep it common law for various reasons. But the baby is obviously coming our way and we need to meet that guy IRL and see Danny react to him actually wearing that onsenie with “Feminist” on it, not to mention all the fitted and fabulous little man jackets Mindy has hidden.

2) That Baby getting christened by Stephen Colbert


You don’t have Father Michael (Danny’s priest played by Mr. Colbert) say he wants to see that baby christened and not follow through, right? We need to see what offensive nonsense he will say to the sure-to-be-adorable fruit of Mindy and Danny’s loins at that ceremony.

1) Mindy makin’ it as a hot, career-rocking mom.


Although, sure, Mindy will relish in the post-baby pop time-off, we also know she’s a go-getter and will be back at that desk in no time. (Hey, if she was crazy about helping other people have babies before having her own, she’ll have baby birthing fever after!)

Please, FOX, let us see a leading lady on a comedy successfully juggle motherhood with being a confident career woman and sexually saucy partner. We deserve to see a woman who can actually do it all on TV because–guess what?!–that’s a reality for a lot of modern ladies! And moreover, both Mindy the show and Mindy the character deserve this rom-com happy ending, executed (naturally) in impeccable style.


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