Galavant: “My Cousin Izzy” & “It’s All in the Executions”


Galavant’s singing, dancing medieval mish-mash ended this week, and not in the way I expected. Since this was a “four-week extravaganza,” I assumed our little story would be neatly wrapped up for the season. Not so. Our heroes are scattered. Madelena and Gareth sit on the throne and Isabella’s cousin has confined her to a creepy pink box. It’s almost as if they’re expecting a second season. Go figure.

Also, surprisingly, the songs weren’t really the focus this week. Still, there were some good ones.

1. “Moment in the Sun”

Anthony Stuart Head appears in a flashback as Galavant’s father and tries to explain what it is to be a hero, but is immediately cut off by his wife. Galavant attempts to sing the same song as he plans their escape, but is interrupted by the guards. He attempts it a second time and is knocked by Rutger Hauer.  The third time he’s interrupted by the arrival of Isabella’s cousin. He finally finishes it the fourth time, but there’s only about half a bar more. It was a cute gag to begin with, but they ran it into the ground.

Notable Lyyics:

  • “And when that moment comes, you’ll hear the sound of drums. And then at last you’ll know this is your moment in the—”
  • “Arnold, you lazy ass. We’re out of firewood.”

Grade: C+

2. “A Happy Ending for Us (The Poisoning Song)”

Chef and Daisy from Downton Abbey sing about poisoning the whole feast. Sophie McShera can’t seem to get out of the kitchen, but this time she’s more Mrs. Lovett than friendly kitchen maid. The lyrics are clever and the two characters are great together.

Notable Lryics:

  • “Choose any toxin and toss the whole box in.”
  • “And they’ll claw and choke until all of them croak. A happy ending for us.”

 Grade: A

3. “We’re Off on a Secret Mission”

If we get a second season, I hope it becomes more of a buddy comedy between Richard and Galavant. Their ridiculousness is really the heart of the show. They decide the best way to fix their situation is to kill Kingsley. They sneak around the castle drunk and attempt to kill him in his sleep. Clearly, it doesn’t go well. These two leads are fantastic at physical comedy. The contrast works really well here.

Notable Lyrics:

  • “We’re going to go and slay your bro as quietly as we can”
  • “We’re off on our way, but first another drink. Da da da da.”

Grade: A

4. “Pearl’s Song”

Richard gets sentimental when he’s forced to fight against his long time bodyguard and best friend, Gareth. He remembers a song from their childhood and sings. As the tune drifts through the castle, everyone is moved by the sweet lullaby. Even Gareth.

Plus, we get a Vinnie Jones line! It’s taken all season, but we finally got it!

Notable Lyrics:

  • “Good night. Sleep tight. We’re going to be alright. Good night, my friend.”

Grade: B

6. “Galavant”

To end the season we go back to the familiar tune that began it all. This time, our narrator explains the ending, questions the future of the show and it’s a perfect way to end this silly mess.

Notable Lyrics:

  • “Will all this singing kill our Nielsen rating?”

Grade: B

Galavant is what happens when a network has the guts to do something completely strange. It might not have been a fantastic show, but it was memorable, enjoyable, silly, and most importantly, different. Will it get a second season? Who knows? But I’d rather see shows taking risks than a network running another doctor or cop show.

This is a fantastic time for television. I think there’s room for this silly little farce that knows exactly what it wants to be.



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