‘LOST GIRL’ TALK: Michael Grassi on “End of Faes”



Whoa, mama! Or should we say, “Whoa, daddy”? Either way, we have A LOT to talk about re: that Lost Girl midseason finale.

As sad as we are to introduce the last Lost Girl Talk for a little while, we’re also super excited because so many major things happened in”End of Faes” and we were lucky enough to discuss all of them with showrunner Michael Grassi. So, take off that formal wear, slip into something a lil’ more comfortable and get ready to dig into some inside scoop on the episode’s big reveals (Dad! Doccubus! Dat dayum dress!) and what’s next for Bo.

Let’s start off with the biggest reveal of the really revealing episode! We’ve seen Bo’s dad and he’s Eric Roberts! Why was he perfect for the role?

MG: Yes, the reveal of all reveals!

It’s such an important role and Eric Roberts brings more to it than we could have imagined. There’s a gravity when he’s on screen–he just pulls you in. It’s this weird combination of scary and warm all at once. We were lucky to have him. He’s a pleasure to work with.

What was the reasoning behind revealing Dad’s identity halfway through the season? Did you ever consider not showing his face until later on?

MG: Fans have been waiting to learn about Bo’s dad for so long. It’s something we always talked about doing in the room. We always knew we would meet dad eventually. We just never knew how and what would happen once he arrived. It had to be right. It had to be about Bo. And it had to impact our characters in a big way. I think fans will be surprised….

How much more of Dad will we see going forth? And how much is his presence going to continue to influence our Bo-Bo?

MG: You’ll be seeing some Dad. And yes, this will have an impact on Bo. One of the themes on Lost Girl that I’ve always loved is blood family vs. the family you make for yourself. This really comes to a head in the second half of the season.

We left Bo as she turned the crank on the Jack in the Box. Why did she not tell Trick about the box earlier? Maybe they could have predicted the future before seeing that dark vision.

MG: Bo likes to take care of things. This was a gift from her Dad and she felt it was her responsibility to deal with it. She also had a lot on her plate at the time like taking down a family of Ancients. I think Zee going after the box, and its true significance, really took Bo by surprise.

Would you say that, given that ending, the second half of this final season will be a lot darker than the first half?

MG: It’s definitely darker. But it’s also Lost Girl, so we’re going to have fun along the way.

What can you say about the future of Mark and Tamsin? We left them both in dire straits of sorts.

MG: You’ll have to wait and see. Rachel and Amanda really brought it in that balcony scene. Love watching these two powerful women have a heart-to-heart … of sorts.

Why make Iris the Biggest Bad of them all? Did you want to put a twist on the angsty teenager trope, recalling Bo’s early years as a succubus?

MG: First of all, I just have to say that Shanice Banton does incredible work on the show.

Iris is such a compelling character dealing with this tremendous, destructive power inside her. Yes, much like Bo dealt with in her early years, but on an apocalyptic scale. The writers Ley Lukins and Lauren Gosnell wrote this great line, “She’s a ticking time bomb wrapped in a rainbow.” It speaks to how nothing is ever what it seems with the Ancients. They’re always ten steps ahead.

How about the choice to make Zeus a woman in the Lost Girl world? Was that always the plan, or a decision made when you considered Amanda Walsh for a role?

MG: That was always the plan. It was important for us to find a Lost Girl spin on this well-known mythology, and the fluidity of gender really spoke to us. Then Amanda Walsh came on board and brought this delicious energy and pace to the part. Amanda, Noam and Shanice have such great chemistry. They feel dangerous and dynamic and like a real family unit.

Will we get more of a follow-up on the Bo/Lauren relationship conversation that they started, especially now that Lauren gave her a “yes”?

MG: The “Oh boy yes!” They’re back together. It’s official. Anna and Zoie sparkled in this episode. And not just wardrobe-wise. More to come with these two, of course.

What can you say about the status of Kenzi going into 5.2.?

MG: I can’t say when, but she’ll be back….

I’m going to end this final Lost Girl Talk—for now, anyway!—with a light question. Where can one get that sparkly sheath Bo was wearing? It was stunning.

MG: Our insanely talented Costume Designer Noreen Landry found it, along with all the other stunning formal wear we saw. Always love an excuse for our gang to dress up!

Thanks so much for Lost Girl chatting, Emily! It’s been fun.

Keep checking Cinefilles for Lost Girl updates. We’ll have a whole new block of Lost Girl Talks and all-new cast interviews to share as the second half of the season rolls out later this year.


5 responses to “‘LOST GIRL’ TALK: Michael Grassi on “End of Faes”

  1. Loved the episode. What more can I say except thank you for giving us back Doccubus. Bo and Lauren are an amazing couple, and Anna and Zoie have so much chemistry it shines through in their acting.

  2. I have absolutely loved this season through and through, and that the writers have been amazing! I like that they’ve taken us to some uncomfortable emotions (poor Tamtam) as well as giving us some happier moments (doccubus slow dance). What I love most though is how authentic Lost Girl has been to itself, this episode really upping its game for things to come, and will make this hiatus feel like forever. Truly appreciative of all the cast and crew for an already epic season 🙂

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