‘Lost Girl’ Talk: Michael Grassi on “Here Comes the Night”

lg507Ships have sailed, Faenatics! This week’s Lost Girl gave us updates on all of Bo’s lovers and her respective feelings for them. Some people came out, well, satisfied. Others were left a bit broken. We’re going to deal with it all, plus the other, non-sexy stuff that happened in “Here Comes the Night,” in yet another post-episode chat with showrunner Michael Grassi.

(Psst, that’s your cue to light your non-evil candles and settle in for Lost Girl Talk!)

This was a very big episode on so many levels, but first, how was it shooting the darkest episode, physically, of Lost Girl ever?

MG: I’m always a big fan of contrast and coming off 506 which was in this bright world of football, now we get to blackout. The overall concept of the episode was, in the dark, what sort of revelations will come out for our characters.

Our DOP, Craig Wright, who just got nominated for a Canadian Screen Award [forBest Photography in a Dramatic Program or Series for “In Memoriam”] by the way, created this incredible mood with the lighting. The director Paolo Barzman infused the set with this amazing mood. Everything feels heightened in the blackout, you get this tingly feeling, as uncertainty sets in.

Were you in any of the big Toronto blackouts these past couple years? Any inspiration there?

MG: I was a part of them and I find whenever I’m in a blackout there’s this weird connection between people. The whole city vibes in an unusual way, which we tried to capture in this episode.

But moving on to the plot of the episode, there were a lot of what-the-what moments, but one that particularly took me by surprise was the Mark and Vex hook-up. Although it was technically a figment of Vex’s imagination, there’s a lot of ways to interpret it. Should we see it as more of a moment of sexual discovery for Vex, or a moment of realizing his thirst for vengeance is clouding all judgment?

MG: You’re definitely on to something. I think the biggest thing to pull from that moment is Vex’s disconnect from his heart. Paul Amos is so nuanced and talented– and also nominated for a Canadian Screen Award. I can’t wait for the audience to see what’s next for his character.

Also, I guess Vex isn’t someone who wouldn’t be open to a different sexual experience…

MG: [Laughs] And I mean, this is Lost Girl, so anything goes.

In a theoretical sense, do you think Dyson would be more upset to find out that Vex had done stuff with Mark in a dream, or Bo had done stuff with him in reality?

MG: Theoretically? That’s an interesting question. I feel like he might be more upset about Vex. Not because Vex is a man, but because of his history with Vex. They have such a tumultuous history.

I also just want to say that I think Paul Amos and Luke Bilyk really stepped up in this episode. One of my favourite scenes is them having that earnest conversation over beer pong at the end. They really nailed something there.

Moving on to the standard ships, if Bo saw Dyson and Lauren when under the influence of the Oracles, does that mean both Byson and Doccubus fans should stay confident?

MG: I had a feeling that question was coming! I think with the other Oracle visions, there were clear options in terms of who they should present themselves as. But with Bo, our succubus, her heart is torn in a few different places. There’s a lot of truth and beauty in those scenes and what’s interesting is the third voice we heard is the one she perhaps subconsciously yearns for the most: her father.

Also, Dyson is a constant in Bo’s life. Another one of my favourite scenes is when Dyson is interacting with the Oracles as Bo. They’re clearly still in love, but that love has become more platonic in nature over time.

Moving on to Valkubus, how is Bo admitting that Tamsin isn’t her one going to affect their relationship going forward?

MG: Let’s talk about Tamsin for a second. Throughout her lives, Tamsin has been through more than we can imagine. She’s fought battles. She’s been a bounty hunter. She’s been a police office. She’s seen a lot. But there’s one thing she doesn’t have experience in and that’s love.

While she’s street smart and tough, she does have a blind spot when it comes to relationships. She’s clearly not afraid to show emotion. And in many ways, that is one of her strongest qualities. This is her last life and she’s in a place where she wants to experience everything. She’s not holding back. Unfortunately, part of falling in love is getting your heart broken sometimes. We also have to remember that she was only recently reborn into her last life [in Season 4], so she is still growing emotionally.

In terms of Bo, she loves Tamsin, but not in the way Tamsin loves her. Bo, being a succubus, people fall for her. In the cases of Dyson and Lauren, it was reciprocated. What happened with Tamsin was an opportunity for us to tell the story of what happens when feelings aren’t mutual. I think a lot of us have been on both sides of that conversation and it’s never easy. Anna and Rachel were so heartbreaking in that last scene. I really felt for both of them.

On a happier note, we got to see Lauren stand up and assert her power as a human. Could this newfound confidence be dangerous, or is it a step in the right direction as we move into this possible End of Faes?

MG: There’s never a safe zone for Lauren, really. But her having this confidence, yes, may put her in dangerous situations.

In a lot of ways, 507 is Lauren’s episode. Zoie, as always, did such beautiful work. Her chemistry with Anna is remarkable, and I love seeing her in control. We’ve seen Lauren under so many thumbs throughout the series. And from a distance, it appears that she’s just working for Evony, when in fact she’s working for herself, treating humans and Fae within one clinic while conducting her own research. Like Lauren says, she’s not Fae. Because her life is shorter, she needs to seize these opportunities. That can also mean seizing opportunities of the heart, and that might lead her into dangerous situations that fans might not expect.

How much will we see Evony going forward? Looks like she could prove helpful, even in her human state, given her knowledge and her history with the Ancients. Would you say that’s accurate?

MG: That is accurate. She is one of the older Faes on the show, so I think she is valuable in many ways.

I think this is the first time on the series that we’re really seeing a vulnerable side of Evony as well as her usual strong side. That’s what I love about Lost Girl—being strong doesn’t mean not being emotional. We sort of learn about her and her history and even how her and Vex met, which is nice. Emmanuelle Vaugier is such a force and gets to do some new stuff this season.

Was that the actual voice of Bo’s dad speaking to her, or what?

MG: I think it’s a wait and see…

How much longer until we get closer to him?

MG: Dad’s arrival is imminent and when it happens, it’s going to happen in a way that fans never expected and Bo never expected. It’s going to shake up our gang’s world.

Obviously the candle being re-lit is going to have some ramifications. Or is it like one of those awful birthday joke candles that never goes out once you fire it up the first time?

MG: It’s an awful birthday joke candle. But really, symbolically, it’s a reminder that evil never dies.

Also, the candle lit the way for the Ancients to come back to earth and start this path of destruction. I love the mythology and history behind candles and I have been since I saw the evil invoking candle in Hocus Pocus.

That’s exactly what I thought of the minute I saw it!

MG: [Laughs] The black virgin candle!

What can you tell us about next week’s episode?

MG: Well, next week is the last episode before we go on hiatus and get ready for some formal wear!

Head back to Cinefilles next week for our next post-show Q&A with Michael. And don’t forget to catch Lost Girl Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showcase.


7 responses to “‘Lost Girl’ Talk: Michael Grassi on “Here Comes the Night”

  1. This ep sucked…there are a lot of Valkubus fans and for that to happen was heart breaking…poor tamsin…we want valkubus

  2. “What happened with Tamsin was an opportunity for us to tell the story of what happens when feelings aren’t mutual. ”

    Is this for real???? It ONLY took you two years and counting to tell me that opportunity story??
    You wrote that story. Why now? After all they’ve been thru. After all the mix signals.
    I’m not stupid to have ship Valkubus. But you made it look like I was.
    You broke her heart AND mine in the 5 minutes of the episode.

    I’ve been invested in Valkubus because it was there. The emotions were there and I’m not stupid when I said it was NOT only coming from Tamsin.
    Why have Bo kiss her a lot and be let kissed by Tamsin.
    Bo was never stupid either and to think that she never said it coming from Tamsin is (to me personally) a big and hurtful slap in the face.

    Having that all said,
    It would be best to have the badass Tamsin we all loved in season 3.
    After what Bo said to Tamsin, I really do not want them interact with each other anymore. Knowing how Tamsin poured her heart out to Bo.
    I really don’t want Tamsin succumb to her charms anymore .
    And I honestly wouldn’t care if Bo was hurt and Tamsin doesn’t do shit about it and do not let her take out her chi. Let her have call Dyson or Lauren to rescue Bo.

    Yes I am upset. Yes I am bitter.
    I’ll get over it, . I hope Tamsin does the same.

    Bo can have her happy ending with Lauren.

  3. This season has been phenomenal! hats offto the writers, the cast & of course the show runner!
    But, yeah poor Tams. Heart wrenching scene to watch. -beautifully played by Anna & Rachel

  4. I thought this was the best episode of the season so far and not just because we got to see Doccubus. I loved that Bo and Lauren finally had their much needed conversation. They still have some things that they need said, but this was a good starting point. I’m glad Bo finally told Tamsin how she felt. It would have been wrong of Bo to continue to string her along when she didn’t feel the same way. Honestly, I’m surprised she didn’t do it sooner since I have never seen any signs in the past that Bo felt anything but friendship for her. Kudos to Rachel and Anna. They did an exceptional job. I really felt bad for Tamsin. Imagine being in love with someone who doesn’t love you back. Hopefully we’ll get to see the Tamsin that I fell in love with from the beginning of S3.

  5. I just don’t think this is the end of Valkubus. If so, it is the worst writing ever. Such a beautiful and long storyline was ended terribly and too hurriedly. Shouldn’t have got our hopes up so much with the fabulous and intense chemistry bt Bo & Tamsin. The story of unrequited love could have been told without creating such a buildup and fan base for Valkubus. The writers can’t be that blind, so can’t be the end.

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