‘LOST GIRL’ TALK: Michael Grassi on “Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts”


You ready for some Sunday Night Lights, Lost Girl-ies? Cause we’re about to make some passes at this week’s football scandal-themed episode, “Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts.”

After some more serious storylines, we got back to some traditional Fae of the Week fun this Sunday. But even underneath all the Tamsin on-field outfits and Bring It On jokes, there were some dark turns and big reveals too especially when it comes to those mysterious bunch we can now dub the Ancients. To get some scoop on what happened and what’s coming next, let’s get back in the game for another rousing round of Lost Girl Talk with showrunner Michael Grassi!

This was a fun episode with you really making good on the Friday Night Lights-referencing name. But before we get into that, it was nice to see the throwback to the box at the start of episode with that nightmare of Bo’s. Lauren was in it, which was meant to be a reminder that she’s still on Bo’s mind, right? 

Michael Grassi: That’s correct.

Did you shoot the football scenes at a school?

MG: We shot that at Birchmount Stadium. It’s its own separate field. It’s a multi-purpose outdoor sports facility, but I’m sure some high schools use it. It’s in Scarborough.

In terms of creating this fake team, why call it the Thunder and not the Lightning considering that you allude to lightning later on in the episode? 

MG: [Laughs]. For very exciting purposes … clearance purposes! When we were clearing the name with our rights companies and our lawyers, the only name that worked for the team was the Thunder.

We really got to see Tamsin throw herself into this world as she got to cheerlead and play football. If Kenzi was still around would she have done one part, perhaps the cheerleading aspect?

MG: Absolutely. Kenzi’s always excited to jump into any undercover scenario, as we’ve seen over the past seasons. This was an opportunity for Tamsin to throw herself into the undercover world alongside Bo. What was really nice about this was we got to go to a human world and we got to see how people with extraordinary abilities who may be Fae or hybrid Fae can excel in the human world as well. We didn’t have the opportunity to access human worlds in Season 3 and 4 and now we’re jumping back into that and seeing how humans are used by Fae. In this case, we see Amanda Walsh’s character feeding on the audience through her son, which is really interesting.

This brings about a question I wanted to ask. Now that we know that Fae parents can feed off of children, should we consider that as a possible threat for Bo?

MG: I think it’s something that we’re going to see play out as we approach the end of the series for sure. I think the writer, Sandra Chwialkowska really nailed it with that one line about Fae stage moms. It was a nice succinct way to put it.

Did Rachel do any of the flips, or the football maneuvers?

MG: [Laughs] She didn’t do any of the flips, but she did do some of the football stuff!

Rachel’s so awesome. She brought so much amazing energy to set and she just jumped right in. She’s very athletic, and I think the catch might have been her. I think we had a double, but on the day I think she may done that last catch.

So, she really got into it?

MG: Yes! It was so fun for us to go into this world, to go outside and be in this green world. It was not very Lost Girl, but it brought everyone’s energy up and we had a really great time on that day, especially Rachel, who got to put on so many different hats. She really stepped up on every occasion.

We also got a cameo from Canada’s own Cheryl Hickey in the press conference scene. How did that come about?

MG: Well, we had to cast a reporter and she’s part of the Shaw family, so we thought it would be fun to have her on. She’s on ET Canada, so why not have her enter our strange Lost Girl world for an episode? She had so much fun. She was so sweet on the day and I’m really grateful that we had a chance to work with her.

Later in the episode, we got to see Bo’s reaction to Tamsin using the term “girlfriend” very flippantly. How should we read into that? 

MG: I think it’s sincere. I think Bo is digesting how Tamsin sees her and she’s getting a real sense of that. I think Bo sees Tamsin as someone who’s not really into relationship and we know who Tamsin is, and that’s someone who’s rough around the edges. Bo’s taken aback by Tamsin’s perspective on their relationship.

We also learned about the Ancients this episode. Will we be meeting more?

MG: Well, in this episode, we were able together that the three bodies in the elevator crash have been taken over by the Ancients. The mystery will continue to unfold, but the idea of the Ancients is that whenever we start working on a new season of Lost Girl, we always try to think of the best Big Bad for Bo and you’ll see why this is the best Big Bad imaginable for her. You know how we think of our little gang as a little family? We thought, what if we pit our family against another family?  We found this really amazing mythology in the Ancients and you’ll learn more about them as you watch 507 and 508.

What can you tell us about next week’s episode? We saw a possible storm coming our way….

MG: The next episode we are definitely going to be dealing with the aftermath of the storm. Let’s just say there may be a blackout of sorts….

Head back to Cinefilles next week for our next post-show Q&A with Michael. And don’t forget to catch Lost Girl Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showcase.


7 responses to “‘LOST GIRL’ TALK: Michael Grassi on “Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts”

  1. I really REALLY want to try to take something positive out of what he said about Tamsin’s behavior, but i just can’t. It’s totally BANANAS. Since when has Tamsin been anywhere near delusional enough to think that the relationship they have is ‘girlfriends’ with no buildup on Bo’s part? Of COURSE Bo’s taken aback; it comes out of NOWHERE. (This is coming from a Valkubus shipper BTW). I just cannot take it as anything other than basic character derailment. There’s a difference between Tamsin loving Bo and being vulnerable, and being totally bonkers.

    • I have to agree. After all those writing where Tamsin is totally cool and free, suddenly she becomes clingy and dropping a “girlfriend” bomb? She’s a freaking old fae FGS. I think she knows how to handle a relationship. I need to understand what the purpose of these awkwardness in Valkubus.

      • I have to agree too. And I’m not a valkybus shipper at all. But this episode seemed like they were trying to make Tamsin look horrible and silly. She’s crass and has a juvenile sense of humor, but I swear she actually simpered. WTF? Last episode was genuine, even if the emotions were more on Tamsin’s side than Bo’s. This episode hammered us over the head with Tamsin’s “wrongness” for Bo. It’s lack of nuance feels lazy to me.

        The rest of the episode I loved though.

      • Completely agree with both of you. Tamsin’s behavior might have made sense back when she was still a tween being raised by Kenzi, but it’s totally off the wall and out of character for her as an adult. I don’t know *anyone* in real life who would drop a “girlfriends” bomb like Tamsin did, never mind an ancient fae who is particularly known for keeping her emotional distance. Talk about awkward tingles (and I’m a Valkubus shipper too). What gives, Michael?

      • While I do agree with all of you,
        Let’s take a moment and enjoy the fact that they shared their first morning kiss -in bed. That was pretty sweet. 🙂

        Another note, how come no one is talking about the fact that Bo was jealous? Plus have anyone seen how quickly Tamsin went to give her a reassurance kiss – this time showing her that she had nothing to worry about. This was a great moment- imo.

        Now, about Bo…I could go on and on about Bo’s reaction to Tamsin’s comment (“girlfriends”) but I won’t.
        You know why?
        Remember that time when Bo was sad and did not give too much details to Trick about her trip to Tartarus. And how about when she lost her mojo and was crying in from of her family.
        Who was the one to help her get her s*** together? The ONLY one who noticed that something was bugging Bo?
        Fans complained… But what did we get from all Bo’s emotions
        A beautiful gift wrapped in a bow … Well we didn’t but Bo did!;)

        All I’m saying is beautiful things happen for those who are patient and wait! 😉


    • I know! I mean Tamsin is a gazillion year old Valkyrie with attitude to spare, who so far has shown that she thinks a relationship is the time it takes to bang someone and then they turn her into a doe eyed emo teen.

      I adore Tamsin, with her snark and crass humor and think she makes a better partner for Bo than either Lauren or Dyson, but not like this, it was kind of embarrassing to watch.

  2. I thought the episode was pretty good. I thought the expression on Bo’s face when Tamsin called her her girlfriend was interesting. I have a feeling Bo doesn’t think of Tamsin as any more than a friend with benefits, considering I’ve never seen the least bit of evidence that Bo has a romantic interest in her. I’m hoping they address that in the next couple of episodes. I’m anxiously waiting to see Bo realize that Lauren is the one she truly loves and stops stringing Tamsin along.

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