‘LOST GIRL’ TALK: Michael Grassi on “It’s Your Lucky Fae”



After a week’s break for the holidays and some major shifter shifts (say what Dyson has a son!), Lost Girl Talk is back! And we’ve got an interesting episode to discuss with showrunner Michael Grassi this week, especially when it comes to the relationships between Bo and Lauren, Bo and Tamsin, and, most interestingly, Tamsin and Lauren.

That’s right, it was ladies’ night on Lost Girl this Sunday and the results were a bit different than one might expect, especially since a lot of this went down on Bo’s birthday. On that festive note, let’s unwrap this week’s Q&A, which is topped with some interesting insights on our Bo and Co.

To follow up on last week’s episode, which we didn’t get to talk about, when did you guys decide to give Dyson a kid and moreover, to have Bo have sex with that kid?

Michael Grassi: We’ve been wanting to tell the story of Dyson having a son. It’s sort of come up in past seasons and we always joke about it, like, ‘Are we doing Teen Wolf this year?’ [Laughs] Speaking of, we’ve introduced him as a shifter, but we don’t know what he shifts into yet.

This season felt like the perfect opportunity [for this]. So many of Dyson’s storylines have circled Bo or been about Bo. We wanted to give Dyson–and Kris Holden Ried, who’s so great–a storyline about him and about what happens when you’re living for so long and you have this kid you did not know about it. Seeing as the theme is really about family [this year], we thought it was the perfect opportunity to tell a Dyson story, a story about shifters. We’ve had a shifter on the show for so long, but haven’t really gotten into shifter mythology or how shifting works, so we’re trying to explore that through a new character.

And Mark also enters our world in a very similar way to the way Bo enters our world. In a way, he’s our new Lost Girl–our Lost Boy!–and it’s going to be interesting seeing him try to find his place in the gang.

As we saw in this episode, Mark already seems to be standing his own ground. You can see there’s going to be a lot of tension between him and Dyson as they struggle with getting to know each other while also trying to still be Alphas.

MG: Absolutely.

Why did you think Luke Bilyk, formerly of Degrassi, was the perfect person to play Mark?

MG: Luke Bilyk really is a star and he just jumped into the family. He suits our world and has this interesting energy. And we wanted someone who is different than Dyson. Dyson is a very serious character and very controlled. We wanted someone who was the opposite of that, someone who has a bigger energy than Dyson who could push against him. It was important for us to find someone who has similarities, but is also different than Dyson, and we’ll see more of that as we go along.

Moving on to this week’s episode, there were a couple of returns to note, the first of which was Cassie, but also we got to see The Beast back in action, which was pretty exciting.

MG: That was exciting for all of us! [Laughs]

As for Cassie, we saw her in a sort of recovery mode at the end of the episode as she was in Lauren’s keep. But is she going to be okay? She’s lost her eyes, lost her sight–how does she go on from this?

MG: You know what? Cassie–and what Vanessa Matsui does with Cassie, which is just amazing work–has had a tough run. She’s an Oracle, she’s in this world and I think a lot of people want to use her. In this episode we got to see her looking for people she can trust and looking for love. She was sort of taken advantage by this mystery person–who we’ll see more of–but will she be okay? That’s something we’ll see as the season plays out.

It was nice seeing her have a happy moment for a second and, you know, making that peen joke. But then she gets ravaged and I got so sad. Like, can’t she just have a couple more moments before the terror sets in?

MG: Well, it’s Lost Girl, so the happiness only lasts for so long. And it’s funny you bring up the peen joke because this episode was written by a new writer on the series, Ley Lukins, and I remember reading an early draft of it and she made me laugh so many times. She’s such a talented writer and I think she’s perfect for Lost Girl.

She wrote some great Tamsin lines for this episode for sure.

MG: I agree!

Going back to the mystery guy you mentioned, there are a lot of questions there, namely in terms of how he was involved with the removing of the Oracles’ eyes. How powerful is this man in the scheme of things?

MG: The things that I can definitely say are he triggered the Oracles to take out their eyes. That was triggered with the kiss. And he is up to no good, as we can clearly see. And what’s interesting is we see a tie between him and girls who were in the Dal with Mark. We’re asking questions about how they are connected and we see that they are all from the same elevator crash. So there’s something a-brewing there.

What can you say about the box Bo’s dad gave her for her birthday? To me, that looked like the box from the Hellraiser movies…

MG: It’s funny you say that because Hellraiser box was … when I had nightmares as a kid, they all revolved around the Hellraiser box. [Laughs] But that box is from her dad, it’s a gift from hell and Bo has a lot of questions about it. She’s obviously pretty scared, pretty intrigued, pretty interested in it.

And the thing about that box that’s really interesting is that it was used in a Season 2 promo for Lost Girl. I don’t know if you remember the beautiful promo that Showcase did where Bo was in this white robe and she’s turning the handle of the box, a jack in the box. So, that is a jack in the box that she received and if you look into jack in the box mythology, there’s interesting stuff.

Now that you mention it, I totally remember that promo!

MG: It’s an amazing promo. So finally what’s happening there is coming full circle as the series comes to an end.

So was that box something you’ve been planning to use all this time? Or did you just revisit it because it seemed like an interesting concept to build on?

MG: I know I was a huge fan of that promo and we wanted to bring back elements of it and tie to our current mythology. There were big picture plans and we’re making it happen in Season 5.

Let’s talk about some of the sexier moments from this episode, particularly the birthday sex scene with Tamsin and Bo. Where would you say their relationship is going now? Are they at a deeper place than Dyson and Bo are right now in terms of being friends with benefits?

MG: The birthday sex scene is very interesting to me because we have somebody who’s sort of stepped into Kenzi’s position in terms of living with Bo, in terms of taking cases with Bo, but we see how that’s not easy for everybody. There was no romance between Bo and Kenzi and that’s what kept things sort of easy when they were together and sort of light. When you’re a succubus, however, people tend to fall for you and we’re sort of seeing what happens when you spend so much time with Bo and you’re her roommate and taking cases together.

You sort of see someone’s vulnerabilities [in that situation] and Tamsin says it herself to Bo like, ‘I know something’s been bothering you’ and they have that intimate moment. And Tamsin’s the first person Bo opens up to about being born in Hell. They have a really beautiful relationship. These are two strong women who have been through a lot and their connection is quite beautiful. I particularly like that moment when they’re post-coital on the bed together and sharing about each other’s pasts and Tamsin opens up about Freya and Bo opens up about her dad. There’s a real connection there and that’s going to unfold in the next couple of episodes.

There was a lot of competition between Lauren and Tamsin this episode, re: Bo’s birthday. How should we read into the fact that while we’ve seen a lot of intimate moments between Tamsin and Bo, Lauren and Bo have almost kept their distance?

MG: I think the thing with Lauren is, after Bo lost Kenzi, Lauren took a stance and saw how hurt Bo was by that and said ‘I think what Bo needs right now is a friend.’ I think Lauren is a confident person and I don’t think she feels she needs to fight for Bo. Tamsin sort of sees Lauren as her competition right now and we all know how special what Lauren and Bo have is, and the reason she’s bringing it up is she feels threatened by Lauren. But Lauren is not as threatened by Tamsin, hence why she’s not being as aggressive. We’re sort of seeing Tamsin fall for Bo and telling Lauren that it’s not just about her. We’ll see how that goes for everybody…

On a sillier note, do you know where that cupcake Tamsin gave Bo came from? Cause it looked delicious!

MG: So good! Whenever I see that, my mouth always waters because it’s the best cupcake I’ve ever seen! [Laughs]

But Anna’s vegan, so I’m sure it was a vegan cupcake of sorts. I’m not sure where it’s from, but I can look into it. I think it was a red velvet cupcake.

That’s what I thought, which seems about right.

MG: Are you a red velvet fan?

Yes. But also it seems sexy like Bo. It’s a little off-beat, but still delicious and sinful. You know what I’m saying?

MG: Absolutely. Spot-on, Emily. [Laughs]

What can we expect from next week’s episode?

MG: We get into a really fun undercover case and some big reveals.

And can we confirm the episode title?

MG: That episode is called “Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts”!

Ooh. As a Friday Night Lights fan, I love that.

MG: There are huge Friday Night Lights fans in the room, so we’re excited to share this episode.

Head back to Cinefilles next week for our next post-show Q&A with Michael. And don’t forget to catch Lost Girl Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showcase.


9 responses to “‘LOST GIRL’ TALK: Michael Grassi on “It’s Your Lucky Fae”

  1. Great episode. The big bad is lining up to be uber scary. Loved the jack-in-the-box making a return. Noted it when Bo was in her nursery in E2. Lauren herself said it before that Tamsin can be horrific but sometimes she is exactly what is needed. She proved that here. Mark might be a tool but that’s pretty much his purpose, isn’t it? To be the weak link?

  2. Doccubus fan here. I think Michael & the writers are doing a fantastic Job. Its the right amount of funny, sexy & tender. The Lauren & Tamsin team up is the gift that wont stop giving. & why hasn’t Zoie been used in a comedic role until now? Yes, there are the usual plot holes i pray are filled by the final episode. Also, I could live w/out Mark. He is cute & all, but this is the last season & I want as much time with the cast I’ve known & grown to love the past few years.
    Anyway Michael Grassi, you must know by now that we are a passionate & outspoken fandom & that you can never please us all (although please feel free to prove me wrong). I for one am enjoying the hell out of this season! thanks much:)

    • Yeah, Mark isn’t my favorite either. Would be nice if they could add a youngling to the mix without making them an idiot. But… he might get his head on straight soon. Wonder if they’ll use him to readdress Vex’s role in the death of Luann’s children? I don’t think Mark would still think Vex was all that cool once he finds out what he did, seeing as it’s pretty close to his own history. (And I want them to address Vex’s past more. Love Vex. But he needs some comeuppance.) We’ll see, I guess.

  3. Hopefully there are no more additions to the cast. Mark as Dyson’s son and Bo’s sex partner was a nice idea. For the rest? Tamsin get’s to much screentime. She was wonderful as a recurring character but not as a main character. She is no replacement for Kenzi. Also, I think there is no sexual chemistry between Bo/Tamsin. It was more interesting seeing how the Romeo/Juliet moment played out between Lauren and Bo being human and fae. And the competition thing is old. We already had that between Lauren and Dyson. I do hope though Mr. Grassi doesn’t mess this up even more 😦

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  5. Idk who’s idea it was to put Tamsin and Bo (finally) together this season, but I’d like to start by saying THANK YOUUU!

    Some may be just upset that they finally hooked up. Ok that’s fine. Some may say they don’t see the sexual attraction . Ok that’s fine too.
    But NO ONE can’t deny that they have chemistry when they are together.

    Their story didn’t start like the way usual stories starts… And that’s the beauty of their story. Their story has been BUILT since season 3. It didn’t come from nowhere.
    Tamsin was the enemy at the beginning and she had a mission and she was going to carry it: find out who put the guy in the coma. And she knew who it was: Bo. She just needed more proof .

    When you look back at episode 3×06. Once her and Bo rescued Kenzi. Tamsin got more respect for Bo and she knew she was a good person. So in her own way, she returned the favour and killed the evidence (the guy in the coma) so Bo wouldn’t have to deal with the consequences of her act. Tamsin didn’t have to do that. But she DID.
    And when she followed Bo in Brazenwood (3×08). That’s when she learned about who Bo really was. The main reason why Tamsin was in the show for. To bring Bo to the wanderer. But she never carried that mission and DIED for her!
    If that’s not one of her act of love Idk what is.

    Their relationship may be frustration ,upsetting but it is carried with respect and admiration.

    They are equals and whatever the ending of Lost Girl may be. I honestly will cherish their relationship more than the two others . It was a slow start, but they eventually got there. And that’s all that matter.
    When relationships are based on sexual attraction or lust or lies… They died as fast as they appeared.

    But when the base of a true relationship starts with respect admiration and compromise … Love blossoms and it stays.

    No matter how you want to describe it: love is love.

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