‘LOST GIRL’ TALK: Michael Grassi on “Like Hell, Part 2”



Are you done with the tissues yet? Cause we could really use some about now as we think back on what went down in the second episode of Lost Girl’s final season, “Like Hell, Part 2.” Just when we thought we had gotten our Lil’ Mama back for good, she’s gone again and this time by non-sacrificial choice! And just when we thought we were getting a pseudo Doccubus sex scene, we were tricked by a ghost!

Thankfully, according to Michael Grassi, Season 5’s showrunner, we’re in for more Kenzi and more Doccubus in the near future, as well as possibly some actual Vex. Read our entire post-episode interview with Grassi below and don’t forget to share your thoughts on the episode below!

First of all, I just rewatched the episode this morning and you tricked me, you tricked us, into a sense of security. I was just like, ‘Oh, Kenzi’s back!’ and then at the end of the episode you just take her away again!

Michael Grassi: Yeah…. [Laughs]

I understand the strategy, but it’s still heartbreaking! Can you talk about what went into that decision, and will she back and if so, how often can we expect her back?

MG: I agree with you 100 per cent. It’s completely heartbreaking to see Kenzi go. When we were talking about it, we talked a lot about how we would end things and we wanted it to be a strong decision from Kenzi. We wanted it to come from a place of where she wants to go next, as opposed to it being a sort of sad thing, or a forced thing. She’s been through so much it was important for her to make the decision for her own happiness.

The other thing that comes from it is that it will have consequences and effects for Bo, which will sort be seen in the upcoming episode.

I was just going to ask about that because earlier in the episode we heard Bo say that  her “true family” would never abandon her and then Kenzi sort of just did that. I imagine that’s going to weigh pretty heavily on Bo and her decision-making going forward.

MG: I think Kenzi leaving will affect Bo in a way she never anticipated.

We already saw her make a decision that was, perhaps, kind of questionable. She lit that candle and considering how much she doubted everything down there and considered it a trick, it felt out of character. It almost felt as though she was just saying, ‘Oh well, I’m just going to do it because I don’t even care what happens now I’m that upset.’

MG: I think you’re nailing where Bo’s at right now. In many ways, she’s sort of deciding not to be scared of anything. She’s letting the light in, as we saw at the end of the episode. [Laughs] She’s sort of ready for answers to come, she’s ready to keep the darkness at bay and I think she knows the only way to keep the darkness at bay is to confront it.

So, in a way, she’s sort of lighting that candle for Persephone whether or not she knows lighting that candle has consequences, and as we saw, there was sort of a commotion that happened that caused the elevator to stop and is a mystery we will be following. I think she’s letting in opportunities and following Persephone’s advice.

Let’s talk about that elevator scene, which featured Amanda Walsh. Is her character one we’re going to see again, or was her appearance just a set up for further mysteries?

MG: You are going to have to watch very closely and it’s very exciting, but I think one of the big questions that’s going to be on everyone’s minds is who is the mystery woman in the elevator. And that’s something we’re going to be exploring.

And going back to the Amanda Walsh thing, we’re so excited to see her work with the Lost Girl family. She’s such a talented force and I think she’ll definitely stir the pot in interesting ways with different characters this season.

In this episode, we saw Bo go through a lot and not just in terms of Kenzi. We also saw her get tricked into sleeping with her dad’s child bride. How much worse can it get for our Bo-Bo? Where is that on the awful scale compared to what’s next?

MG: Believe it or not, it can get worse and it will get worse, but Bo is strong, as we know, and at this point I think she’s ready to fight and tackle anything that comes her way.

Now let’s get to what’s sure to be the hot topic of the episode. We saw Lauren and Bo get it on in a way via the ghostly sex experience. Is this foreplay for some real deal action to come? Are we going to get to see Bo de-stress a little bit with Lauren?

MG: I had a feeling this question was coming. We talked a lot about ghost sex in the room and to clarify, it was not Bo, but some other Fae caressing Lauren. But in terms of now that’s Bo’s back will she have some stress relief, that’s something we’ll be addressing in 503 in a really dynamic way that we’ve never seen before on the show. I’m excited for you guys to see that!

Ooh, that’s a good tease right there! I also liked that Dyson got to act on his wiles for once as he was trying to distract Stacy with his jawline….

MG: Let’s talk about the chemistry between Kris [Holden-Ried] and Kate Corbett for a second. I thought they were so much fun on screen. Kate has so much fun with the character and does an amazing job. They really brought that fun to life.

They really did. And I also liked the interaction between her and Rachel Skarsten. I would totally ship a spinoff called Valkyrie High where they got to be bitchy to each other!

MG: Well, we might be exploring some more Valkyrie mythology as the season progresses….

And as for the moment where Dyson and Tamsin said, ‘We’re just going to be friends now’, is that for real? Do you think this was a breaking point for them in terms of understanding what they mean to each other as friends, as more than friends, etc.?

MG: That’s a really good question.

We’re always for Tamsin and Dyson because Kris and Rachel always do such a great job together, but I think they’ve had such ups and downs in their relationship. They’ve been together. They’ve not been together. They’ve slept together. They’ve been partners. I think it was important for us to clarify where they’re at romantically in this second episode. So I think you can really buy into what they said is real.

We got a taste of Vex this episode via Dyson’s mention of him, but was he ever going to be in the episode?

MG: No. It was just sort of meant to keep Vex alive in the world and to show us where Dyson is with Vex, which is that he still hates Vex. We never planned to have him this episode because when he does arrive, he’ll arrive in a big and exciting way. We can’t wait to have him back. He’s coming soon!

What can you tease about next week’s episode?

MG: In next week’s episode, something happens to Bo that’s never happened to her before and I think a lot of people are going to be surprised.

Is that in reference to the Lauren thing you spoke of earlier?

MG: Uh, sort of not. Just watch! [Laughs]

Okay, okay. Thanks for chatting again this week, Michael. And for ripping my heart out with this episode.

MG: It was heartbreaking, but I think it’s important to say that Kenzi’s still alive and in our world and who knows when she’ll come back.

I just hope she gets to spend some time in Spain and actually relax!

MG: I hope so too!


Head back to Cinefilles next week for our post-show Q&A with Michael re: “Big in Japan”. And don’t forget to catch Lost Girl Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showcase.


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