TEA & ‘A’: A ‘Pretty Little’ Podcast (“How the A Stole Christmas”)


Merry Christmas, bitches!

Sorry for the name calling, but we’re all riled up after watching the Pretty Little Liars Christmas special, “How the A Stole Christmas”! We mean this in both good ways (i.e. seeing Emily in that sexy dress and every significant other other than Ezra in their Santa skivvies) and ho-ho-ho-horrible ways (i.e. Ezra in his Santa skivvies). Our gift to you is 25 minutes of detailed A-nalysis of all of this, plus our secret, semi-naughty PLL-themed wish lists for the season.

So drop that overpriced holiday beverage and get into your Spencer Hastings-approved monogrammed PJs and listen up. Oh, and see you in 2015 … if A doesn’t get you first.

// Powered by Cincopa Video Hosting for Business solution.TEA & A (Dec. 9 – “How A Stole Christmas”)TEA & A (Dec. 9 – “How A Stole Christmas”)TEA & A (Dec. 9 – “How A Stole Christmas”)Emily and Mercedes talk “How A Stole Christmas”

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