Anna Silk: Bo goes ‘Kill Bill’ in ‘Lost Girl’ Season 5

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Faenatics, are you ready for Sunday’s last ever–tear, tear–season premiere of Lost Girl? We at Cinefilles have been prepping for months as we visited the set of the final season and chatted with numerous stars, guest stars and producers. We’ve got a lot of coverage in store for you as Season 5 lays itself out, including Lost Girl Talk, a.k.a. weekly chats with new showrunner Michael Grassi. But let’s start simply with some words from our Lost Girl herself, Anna Silk.

We spoke to Silk earlier this fall as she was shooting the final few episodes of the season. Check out our full interview with the badass lady behind the badass force that is Bo below, and don’t forget to watch the premiere, “Like Hell,” Sunday, Dec. 7 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showcase.

We all saw your goodbye video, but how did you react when you found out about the series ending?
We’ve known a little bit longer than the fans, obviously, but of course it’s upsetting. You have a lot of mixed feelings in the beginning, but to have five successful seasons of a show that’s had this kind of response and knowing that it’s ending and they’re going to end it in such a strong way–I think we have one of our strongest seasons this year–it’s a total gift.

I don’t think fans will be disappointed with this season. I mean, you always wish it could have gone for one more, of course. But really I’d rather end strong and wrap up the story properly and be able to say bye to Bo and the whole gang properly than just be cancelled abruptly. I think it’s the best decision they could make.

It’s a natural last step too. I mean, there have been Big Bads before, but this one is the biggest Bo’s met before.
Exactly. I think the show evolved exactly how it’s supposed to. It’s ending at the right time. There’s lots of story lines, but Bo’s in particular needs a proper ending.

Do you feel like this role, which is so strong, so interesting, so layered, is going to colour what you do next in your career? How do you go from playing Bo?
I’ve gotten to do everything playing Bo–I really have–and I’ve grown so much, just in my approach to acting … Because she’s so layered and interesting, I’m sad to say goodbye to her.

I’m [also] really sad to say goodbye to the cast and crew. That’s why when we did that goodbye message, the first few takes I was crying so much they couldn’t use it! So in terms of the next job and the next role I’d be playing, the bar has been set so high. It’s not that I’m lowering my expectations, but I hope to find a group of people that are just as inspiring and supportive. And I hope to find a role that lets me evolve into the next phase.

Speaking of saying goodbye, before we talk about the new season, can we talk about shooting the Kenzi death scene and the aftermath of that character loss for a second?
Well, the shooting of it was interesting because they were in there filming for 10 or 12 hours and I was in my trailer because I didn’t come in until the end. I didn’t really know what was happening, so I wasn’t part of that energy. I walked in and it was late at night and we had to get the shot. With big emotional things like that, you don’t want to do take after take after take. So you just have to come in and hit it truthfully and I think we did. We did it in two takes and between the two we got what we needed.

It was hard. Bo has big feelings about Kenzi. And the energy in the room is so intense and that’s why I think that scene worked across the board.

How far do you think Bo is willing to go to avenge Kenzi’s death? Would she sacrifice herself to bring her back?
Absolutely she would.

You know, Season 5 picks up shortly after where Season 4 left off and Bo’s pretty hellbent on making sure she’s looking for her. What I love about Bo this season is because she starts off on such a mission, she’s so clear-headed and sets a path for herself and does not veer, does not deviate from that path.

Do you feel like, in a way, she’s like the Bride in Kill Bill, as in she will not stand until it is done, even if she’s done?
Yeah! It’s a take-no-prisoners approach … but she is Bo, so she is also vulnerable to outside factors, i.e. family. So those things certainly play a part in her mission.

Of course there is the whole “Who is her father?” question, which I believe is one that is going to be answered. Is that safe to say?
Bo had no family in the beginning. She found this makeshift family in Fae Town and then was always trying to find her actual roots. So, family, across the board, is a big part of this season.

Isn’t that interesting that she was trying so hard to find her family and now she’s got so much family? Literal family and extended family and beyond.
It’s crazy! I had a son during this process, so my family grew. It’s like Bo and I live parallel lives … even though I am not a succubus and fight monsters. [Laughs]

It’s all really relevant, I think, to my own life. I think that’s one of the things that’s resonated with people. These are themes that people identify with.

Is there something that you wanted to do with Bo before you left her behind?
You know what’s so crazy? Michael Grassi–he’s our new show runner–and I had dinner in L.A. and he was like, ‘What are some of the things you want to do this season’? And I started rambling on about various things, some of which were in jest, but they did come from a truthful place. But he put all of those elements into this season, which, honestly, shows such a great respect for me. I haven’t even told him this yet, but I really appreciate that showing of respect for my ideas. I kinda got to do some fun things that I wanted to do, but we hadn’t done yet.

Physical things?
Yeah! Physical things and kinda fun and quirky things….

Do you feel like Bo’s got to be a little quirkier, a little quicker with the jokes with Kenzi, our sarcastic sasspot, being gone?
You know, the one-liners have a place on our show still. There’s other characters that are particularly funny, also. When there’s a main character like Hale or Kenzi, particularly Kenzi, it opens the show up in a different way. We have elements of that in this season.

But do you feel, in general, it’s gotta be a darker season because there’s been so much loss and there’s so much at stake?
I guess so?

I suppose in the dark times, you do have to allow the light in too.
I actually think that humour works best from those dark places. So, yes, there’s a lot of heaviness, but there’s a lot of humour too.

Is there a particular episode that you’ve really enjoyed working on this year, or perhaps that we should look out for going into the premiere?
Everyone who has contributed to this show, all of our creators and writers and actors, brought it to the place that it is right now and I really mean that. Our premiere is a two-part premiere and it’s full-speed ahead from the go and it kind of sparks the rest of the season and where that’s going to go.

Other than that, the episode we’re shooting now … well, we’re all starting to get teary-eyed at the read-throughs. There’s a lot at stake.

Is there anything you’re going to take from the set before you leave?
Like, physically take?

I’d love to take some of her clothes, the boots. I don’t know … the car? [Laughs]

But maybe one of her weapons. I love her leg dagger. That was always really cool. I could scare neighbourhood kids! [Laughs]


4 responses to “Anna Silk: Bo goes ‘Kill Bill’ in ‘Lost Girl’ Season 5

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  2. I am so disappointed it is the last season. I still think I will miss Kenz (the hotter and sexier woman) the most in this show.
    It is ending way too soon. I wish the DVD’s were cheaper of this show. This is a series that can be watched over and over again.
    Hoping for Lost Girl movies in the future. Even the Americans realized what a great show this is.

    • Amen, to that I live in the US. I was so distraught when I heard this would be the final season. I really don’t understand how it can send with such high ratings.
      This is the only show in regards to FAE’s . Just like Wharehouse 13 , ALL THE GOOD SHOWS ALWAYS END. IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.

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