Let’s Be Cops

let's be cops

I always feel like tackling a super specific film genre or trope is real risky these days since people don’t spend a lot on movies anymore and everything feels tired and done. That’s why I was a bit curious about Let’s be Cops. Buddy cop movies are a tough one to redo because a lot of people would argue that they were perfected by the 90s. I’m talkin’ Lethal Weapon, Bad Boys, 48 Hours and even Rush Hour (don’t fight me on that one). Maybe some comedians/comedy actors are feeling like the genre needs a reboot but so far all I’ve seen is failed attempts (I’m looking at you, Cop Out). I’m feeling like these days, it would be a big effort to find a wide audience for this kind of movie.

In the 80s and 90s, there was this hyper masculine backlash to the peace and love of the 60s and 70s that made comedy-action an easy money maker. These days, super manly movies about blowin shit up only does okay at box offices. So, a movie about dudes being dudes and saving the day is a risk. At least this movie taps into the post-Apatow watered down bromance which feels more current. It’s still trying a little too hard to be true to the genre with some half-assed action, some throw-away hot-chick characters and a genuine “yeah bro” thrown in here and there.

It stars Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr., both currently on New Girl and in a lot of stuff you’ve probably seen. I like these two dudes and a surprise appearance by Andy Garcia was just an added bonus. Our two leads are a fun duo and are both proving to be pretty versatile talents.

Let’s talk about Jake Johnson first. First of all, terrible name; second, funny guy but I honestly prefer him in semi-serious stuff. I feel like I’ve seen him in everything everywhere and he seems to be building serious momentum career-wise. This is good news in my opinion. I’m happy to see him in lots of stuff; he’s enjoyable to watch.

Now let me gush about Damon Wayans Jr. This guy is my new favourite. I started watching Happy Endings on Netflix and watched the whole thing because of him. Seriously. He’s living up to the Wayans’ name and legacy so far. He’s funny, charming, silly and handsome as heck. I think he’s super underused and needs to gain more popularity asap.

Both these dudes seem to be the newer kind of bro actor–softer, mellower, less mindless bravado. I’m into it! But not this movie.



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