The only times the Force was NOT with the ‘Star Wars’ teaser


Freak out, we will this morning, as we rewatch the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser again and again. But as much as we got caught up in the fact that A) We’re watching a teaser for a new Star Wars movie and B) WE’RE WATCHING A TEASER FOR A NEW STAR WARS MOVIE, we also had some minor qualms that we need to chew(bacca) on for a little while while we eat our morning cinnamon buns (in honour of Leia’s hair–which we can never seem to properly recreate as quickly as we’d like–of course).

But before you behold the only times we thought the Force was NOT with the Star Wars teaser, watch it again below. We’ll wait here patiently.


When they revealed that crazy Sith ‘saber

Listen, that thing looks badass and, let’s face it, that’s probably our man, Adam Driver, holding the thing. But the point is, it’s really an impractical weapon when you think about it. I mean, one small false move and you’re not only killing a dude, but also slicing some part of yourself off. Unless, of course, the person who is holding it has prosthetic appendages, much in the same vein of some other Sith Big Bad we used to know….

When Adam Driver’s face didn’t show up

As we said, that guy in the Sith gear and with the ‘saber was most likely the guy playing the supposed villain of The Force Awakens. But we don’t even know that for sure because we didn’t even get a glance at Driver in this clip. It’s obviously done on purpose to keep throwing us off and not reveal any spoilers regarding his role in this, but damn if it’s not frustrating. His casting, along with the addition of John Boyega and Lupita Nyong’o, was arguably the most exciting thing we learned in the early days of The Force Awakens news. Well, aside from, again, the fact that it’s going to exist and make all of us fanboys and fangirls scream/cream/gleam like:


When we only saw one girl for one second

Listen, we’re glad that we caught a glimpse of what looked to be Daisy Ridley on a speeder. And we’re glad that she’s *probably* the spawn of Leia and Han Solo (seriously, doesn’t she look like she could be Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford’s kid?). But with Fisher, Nyong’o and Gwendoline Christie also in the cast, there was room for more lady screen time for sure. Let’s just hope Mr. Abrams is leaving the badass girl scenes for the full trailer and beyond?

When the title card came on and…

Reminded us that we have to wait until next December to see more of the Millennium Falcon back in action. Lightspeed ahead, y’all!


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