Bob’s Burgers: “Dawn of the Peck”


This episode is so great I can’t even articulate coherent thoughts, and I don’t even want to summarize any of it, because spoiling it would ruin the magic.

Here’s all you need to know going in:

  • Linda and the kids decide to go to a Thanksgiving fair down at Wonder Wharf instead of having turkey dinner with Bob. Bob takes the news deceivingly well for someone who loves Thanksgiving so much, but, in a nod to “An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal,” drinks himself into denial until he’s yelling “Is this what you want?!” at a turkey baster.
  • Linda and Teddy participate in a Running with the Turkeys marathon while the kids, along with Regular-Sized Rudy, Andy and Ollie, get on Mickey’s scrambled egg ride. Mr. Fischoeder and Felix (whose name I can’t say without chanting) have unfortunately thought nothing of cramming a large assortment of fowl together in cramped crates, and, upon being released, the birds wreak Hitchcockian havoc upon the hapless crowds.
  • Linda and Teddy are trapped inside the funhouse, while the kids are trapped aboard the scrambled egg ride. Their subsequent escape involves frantically tossing tiny water bottles, suits of armour made of stuffed animals, a disturbing “tickle boat” and headbutting.
  • More than one scene is set to Donna Summer’s “Dim All the Lights.”

Everything in this episode works so well because it marries all of the elements Bob’s Burgers does so well, with nearly every main and recurring character making an appearance. The episode veers towards the frantic and zany, with mile-a-minute banter and goofily action-packed chase scenes at the Wharf, smartly intercut with Bob trying to enjoy being alone on Thanksgiving by introducing his daytime whiskey to his record collection. The cinematic references to both The Birds and zombie invasions are well-done, complete with a final grocery store showdown. The turkeys are appropriately horrifying. Most importantly, the chemistry between all the characters is so pitch-perfect in an episode with so many people it never feels overly crowded, or that anyone is excluded.

I’m going to end off the review of this triumphant, hilarious episode with a few choice lines. Because the script this week was heroic:

  • “We’ll try anything!” “I tried shrimp at my aunt’s house!”
  • “It’s biology, not hocus pocus.” “Aww, I love that movie!”
  • “I don’t have to keep getting up to baste. Baste not, want not. Y … you get it?” “Yes.” “I don’t have to … storm the baste-tille. Y … you get it?” “Kind of.” “It was … a prison. In France. It was the Bastille and I said bastille.” “Ohhh!” (This entire conversation takes place between two potato chips Bob is pretending are sentient and talking to each other.)
  • “Every turkey group has one guy that can peck everyone, and the guy below him can peck everyone except for the top guy, and so on, till the sad sack who can’t peck anyone.” “Oh, that’s terrible! It’s like the ladies on The View!”
  • “”Went to store real quick. Love forever, Bob.’ That’s a perfectly good note. That doesn’t sound drunk at all.”



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