Deliver Us From Evil


Exorcism movies are really hard to make original and fresh. They almost always have the same ending and resolution: an exorcism. They also almost always have a similar cast of characters: a little/young girl of some sort; a jaded, tired priest; the lead, someone new to the exorcism game who just can’t believe what he’s seeing; and some poor possessed person (often the same little girl from early on). Even though this movie claims to be based on true stories, it falls into that same blah tired exorcism clichés.

So, instead of dwelling on the recycled plot points, let’s talk about what I did like! Gloriously handsome dudes occupying my screen… ah yes.

  • Eric Bana, our classic (and classically handsome) average joe cop just trying to stay sane in a mad job, for the sake of his smokin’ hot wife (Olivia Munn)
  • His too cute little girl and his yet-to-be-born-but-definitely-a-boy-to-complete-the-nuclear-family baby
  • His goofy, yet perfectly lovable bro of a sidekick is played by Joel McHale. Oh Joel
  • And then… Edgar Ramirez. Holy moly you guys. Ramirez plays the drug/sex addict turned drinking/smoking/leather jacket wearing priest who just happens to be real good at exorcisms. He’s all rugged and unconventionally attractive, has a sweet accent, has long hair,  turns down hot chicks left and right, looks hot in a priest’s get-up and he saves the day, duh.

I know this movie tried really hard to make this story stand out from other exorcism movies with the whole true story thing and some minor changes to the trope, but it’s still an exorcism movie through and through. If you’re really into this tiny sub-genre, then I think you’d enjoy it. If you like gross apartments, creepy ass zoos, barely working light bulbs and hot dudes, then I think you’d really enjoy it too!



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