GIMME FIVE: Disney Villains Who Need Their Own Feature Films


With Maleficent now out in theatres and Angelina Jolie looking more terrifying than ever with a cheek structure oddly reminiscent of Lady Gaga’s implants, it’s about time we count down the top five Disney villains who should have their own feature film. (Note: Some of these ideas are better if you’re thinking a little more abstract.)

5. Ursula (The Little Mermaid )

GF_Disney villains_ursula

While I don’t think I should have to say—nay, sing much more than “poor unfortunate souls,” I’ll continue: Ursula the Sea Witch is a repulsive, yet powerful player in The Little Mermaid. I’d probably bring this one out of its original context as I don’t really know if there’s much of a way to make a story of merpeople and a half octopus have a real effect on an audience–Queen Latifah pulled it off in Annie Leibovitz’s photo shoot, but I don’t think the whole idea lends itself overly well to film, aside from in cartoon format. I suppose Disney will be attempting it in their villain-filled Descendants, so we’ll see how it can really be handled. Nevertheless, Ursula, her sly ugly eel and her ability to shapeshift have a lot of potential in the Disney-turned-horrifying feature film market for adults.

4. Cruella de Vil (101 Dalmatians )

GF_Disney Villains_Cruella De Vil

Sure, we already have a live-action version of this flick, but I’d ditch the Dalmatians as the focal point here and have a plot centred wholly around Miss Cruella—perhaps a sort of Devil Meets Prada but much more terrifying with just a hint of killing small, cute puppies for fashionable coats—hey, there has to be something that sets her apart, even if it is her penchant for killing dog babies. Actually, I feel as though I have the perfect woman to cast for this part—Maribeth Monroe, Workaholics’ Alice Murphy. (I’m really not on board with Disney’s Wendy Raquel Robinson casting call for the upcoming Descendants…)

3. Chernabog (Fantasia )

GF_Disney Villains_Chernabog

Fantasia is one of those strange Disney films that not a whole lot of people remember, but it’s actually rather dark and twisted. Both of these statements, though, are what make Chernabog, the King of Demons, the perfect villain for a feature film. I’d leave the creative aspect to the experts, but I think there are some great underlying elements here for a horror flick, though likely better in a more abstract sense (i.e. don’t go the too-cheesy demon way of Russell Crowe in Winter’s Tale).

2. The Big Bad Wolf (Three Little Pigs )

GF_Disney Villains_Big Bad Wolf

I don’t think it’s possible to go through school in North America and not know the Three Little Pigs story. And what was more terrifying when you were a little kindergartner than the Big Bad Wolf? (The boogeyman, monsters under the bed/in the closet, and your older siblings aside.) For no apparent reason other than that they’re his prey does this villain hunt down little “pigs” and take out their homes while trying to devour them. Sure, Disney’s original Big Bad Wolf doesn’t look all that threatening through adult eyes, but as a general idea, this could be a pretty great bare-bones start to a horror flick of almost any sort, especially when we get into the mind of the figurative “Big Bad Wolf.”

1. Shan Yu (Mulan )

GF_Disney Villains_Shan Yu

Having Mulan come to the big screen would be a great move for strong female teen roles in film. But back to Shan Yu. There’s a whole lot you can do with this villainous Hun. His sheer appearance is enough to make me cower—even if he is just a cartoon. This is one of those Disney villains that just begs to have a film focused on him—plus, it would offer a break from the wicked witch/evil queen line of films.


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