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Canadian indie-hit The Dirties received a limited special edition DVD release which is the ultimate DVD for film lovers. Matt Johnson (director, writer and star) takes his love and appreciation for the movies to the next level in his DVD, staying true to his film-obsessed character of the same name in The Dirties. The special edition DVD is available in six different covers spoofing classic films, The Dirties style, and including such films as Magnolia and Rosemary’s Baby. On top of that, the actual disc has 9 alternate DVD menus, ranging from Being John Malkovich, to The Seventh Seal.  Both the film disc and the special features disc are littered with hidden features that you could spend hours discovering; and the advertised special features are pretty awesome too, one offering being the actual short film that the two children Matt and Owen meet in the opening scene of The Dirties made.

The Dirties special edition DVD literally contains hours of special features and hidden gems, but it’s the film itself that is worthy of purchasing. Matt and Owen, played by Matt Johnson and Owen Williams, are two kids who are constantly bullied at school and who are ready to get revenge on their bullies, who they call, The Dirties. However, Matt and Owen’s intentions greatly differ from each other, and Matt gets further obsessed with the idea of making a movie where they actually kill the bad guys.

Filmed in a mockumentary style and blurring the line between fiction and reality, The Dirties is a film that goes to meta level but has a core message that resonates on a basic level; it is a film about bullying that truly shows the effect it has on two ordinary kids, until they may not be the victims anymore.


adrianaAdriana Floridia is a girl who has been passionate about film her whole life. Get to know her on Twitter @adrifloridia.

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