NEVER SEEN IT: Sophie’s Choice

sophies choice

Date Released: December 8th, 1982

Date Watched: April 29th, 2014

Why now? It’s a little out of the blue but I’ve always been really curious about why people make that joke “this is like Sophie’s Choice” when they’re trying to chose between something like M&Ms or peanut M&Ms.

Why not then? Over the years, I heard about it in passing here and there. I heard that it was sad and that Meryl Streep won an Oscar for it, so it never intrigued me.


  • Meryl being amazing and working it for that Oscar
  • Super cry fest
  • Honestly, I know nothing about this movie

What I actually got:

  • John from Ally McBeal?!
  • Meryl with an accent and speaking different languages! No wonder she won an Oscar. German is hard man. I don’t know how well she actually did but, to me, it sounded legit
  • Besides the accent, Meryl was kind of incredible. There’s a reason she’s the queen of the Oscars. Her character is so tragic but Meryl made me care about her
  • Total cry-fest
  • The weirdly classic “third wheel” story line where a straight couple befriends a single dude. Soon, the single dude gets entwined with one or both of the couple. Always weird, always borderline fetish-y
  • One positive: Young Kevin Klein in a tank top… *thumbs up*

One night-in stand or second date potential? One night-in for sure, I’m never watching this movie again ever. Too tragic, too heavy, too much! P.S. that joke is not funny!!! What is wrong with everyone!!!


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