Whatever Forever

Here at Cinefilles, we each have a varied taste in films. However, from time to time we find we share a common love for certain movies. One such movie, we discovered last year, is Clueless.

It was one of the Filles’ first PG-13 movie. Another remembers watching in the basement at sleepover with her BFF. And another thinks of it as the film she chose–rightfully so–over The Great Panda Adventure on family movie night. Whether we lived through the ’90s or post-’90s, Clueless has held multi-generational appeal and, for many of us, will always be ingrained in our teenage memories.

Throughout the months of April and May, we’ll be re-living the better moments of our adolescence through a celebration of teen movies called Whatever Forever. Whether you grew up on John Hughes, wish you attended Ridgemont High or integrated “fetch” into your vocabulary, we’re dedicating the next two months to reminding you why sixteen was so sweet.

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