Never Seen It: The Wrestler

the wrestler poster


Date Released: December 8, 2008

Date Watched: March 11, 2014

Why now? It’s one of those movies that has been on my “to watch” list for awhile, but I’ve never gotten around to it. I’m a moderate Aronofsky fan so I figured I owed it to myself to watch it. I remember when it was released–people really loved it!

Why not then? Truthfully, it didn’t really appeal to me six years ago. I was 18, and a movie about a has-been wrestler? No thank you, said teenager Danita. Honestly, I still sort of feel that way, but this gap in my cultural references was nagging at me!


  • A lot of weird, dream-like scenes a la The Black Swan and Requiem For a Dream
  • An uncomfortable and sad father-daughter relationship
  • A great performance by Mickey Rourke
  • Not much to personally relate to

What I actually got:

  • Most of my expectations
  • More proof that Marisa Tomei is actually a great actress
  • Evan Rachel Wood only being in this movie because she was the “it” girl at the time–is anyone else over her?
  • Too much of Mickey Rourke’s scary face
  • Much more reality than Aronofsky’s other films
  • A heartbreaking character study
  • More reality, less psychology (as in not knowing what’s real and what isn’t)

One night-in stand or second date potential?: I have to say that I will probably never watch this movie again. It was an alright experience, and I’m relieved that I’ve now seen it… but it didn’t do anything for me on an emotional level.

DanitaDanita loves musicals, Bette Midler, sandwiches, Real Housewives, great horror films, and The Golden Girls. She’s a barista, bookworm, cinephile, and celebrity stalker. If she’s at home, she’s in her pajamas. Follow her on Twitter @danita_35.

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