GOING WES: The Royal Tenenbaums

going wes



THE GIST: A dysfunctional (to say the least) family by the name of Tenenbaum comes together upon hearing of the patriarch’s failing health. Dyfunctional family drama ensues.
THE CHARACTER: Likely Margot Tenenbaum, the sole daughter of the family as played by Gwyneth Paltrow. Every single thing about her is striking, from her romantic background (which involves many an oddly played tryst and marriage, including being hitched to Bill Murray’s Raleigh St. Clair) to her stark, never-changing fashion sense (racoon eyes, stick-straight bob with a barrette, polo and fur coat). And perhaps one of the most fascinating side stories is her one with Richie, in which she reveals a long-standing love for a man who could be her brother. I’m like Eli Cash whenever I watch scenes with her and Richie, saying, “I always wanted to be a Tenenbaum, you know?”
THE MUSIC: The soundtrack to this movie is completely sublime, but there’s something most wonderful about the inclusion of “Christmas Time is Here” from the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack, as the bittersweet sounds of the song reflect the overall tone of the movie and the relationships hung up with frame within in.
WHERE IT REALLY GOES WES: Perhaps the funeral scene near the end, which is set to Van Morrison’s “Everyone.” If you don’t want to be spoiled as to what goes down there, don’t read the quote below.

Anybody interested in grabbing a couple of burgers and hittin’ the cemetery?

– Royal Tenenbaum

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