next three days


What it’s about: When a man’s wife is falsely accused and convicted of murder, he hatches an intricate and dangerous plan to break her out of jail.

Who’s in it: Russell Crowe as the distraught (and attractive) husband, Elizabeth Banks as the prison wife, Liam Neeson as a professional jail breaker, and Olivia Wilde as a random person that shows up.

When it came out: 2010

How come you haven’t heard of (or just seen) it: The world expected big things from Paul Haggis after his film Crash won three Oscars, including Best Picture. But after several years of waiting for another directorial success, people kind of forgot the buzz surrounding him. Although not as good as Crash, I would still consider The Next Three Days a directing success for Haggis.The good news is that in the mean time he has remained a pretty successful screenwriter (Million Dollar Baby, anyone?)

Why you need to watch it–immediately!

  • Who doesn’t want to watch a great thriller? It’s just good, old-fashioned, heart-racing fun
  • It can be refreshing to watch Elizabeth Banks in a serious role–she can’t be Avery Jessup or Effie Trinket all the time
  • Although Liam Neeson is only in it for a brief period, I would still consider this a Liam Neeson movie worth watching
  • For the majority of the movie it’s The Russell Crowe Show and he carries the plot quite well
  • There is a pretty nerve-wracking scene that randomly features Kevin Corrigan as a junkie drug dealer, so that’s a plus
  • It’s basically a How-To guide on committing a felony (you’ll want to buy a tennis ball in advance of seeing the film to test out one of the sneaky maneuvers shown)

KileyA student of Centennial’s post-graduate Book and Magazine publishing program, Kiley enjoys spending most of her time crying over Tom Hanks romcoms, watching Downton Abbey and hoping that Michael Fassbender and Steve McQueen continue making movies with only each other.


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