THE KAELS 2014: Best Supporting Actress nominees

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June Squibb, Nebraska

June Squibb – Nebraska

Squibb offers an entertaining and candid performance in Nebraska as the wife of a man who’s the winner of a million-dollar sweepstakes. It’s impressive how the 84-year-old teddy bear-loving Squibb can so effortlessly take on such a salty character like Kate.

– Erin

Nicole Kidman, Stoker


I’m I the only one who still likes Nicole Kidman? She was so weird and creepy in this movie. She was weird and creepy, but in a more everyday kind of way. I really liked this movie, but it would have been significantly less dramatic without a disheveled Nicole breathing her lines everywhere.

– Isa

Lupita Nyong’o, 12 Years a Slave
Lupita Nyong’o has such poise, such depth,and such emotive control that it is breathtaking to watch her work. She stole every scene she graced from actors and actresses far more experienced and famous than she, and she broke my heart every time.- Jenna

Jennifer Lawrence, American Hustle
Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 4.09.04 PM

Jennifer Lawrence got some heat for being too young for this role (and furthermore, some heat for not deserving her Oscar nom), a woman damaged by marriage and poor life decisions, a woman much older than 23. However, for me, her age added complexity to her character. Whether or not Rosalyn was written as an older woman, to see a young person in such an unhappy place makes the character that much more tragic, and one that only few young actresses could make so convincing.

– Michelle

Jena Malone, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

I’ve loved Malone since I saw her in Stepmom back in 1998 and she’s always been a favourite supporting of mine. She always plays these sassy, kind of snippy roles that totally work for her. And after reading The Hunger Games books, she plays Johanna perfectly and I can’t imagine a better casting decision for that character.

– Ashley

Margo Martindale, August: Osage County

All the ladies of August: Osage County–Julia Roberts, Meryl, Streep Abigail Breslin (yes, she’s old enough to call a lady now), Julianne Nicholson, Juliette Lewis–give powerhouse performances, particularly Meryl, who as deserving of, but unlikely to actually get an Oscar as she was when she starred in Julie & Julia. But Martindale really impressed me as Mattie Fae, as she seamlessly transitioned between her character’s over-the-top outer personality (think hugging everyone and yelling across the room) and her tortured inner one (think crying stoically while admitting a dark truth she’s buried deep down, underneath all her childhood trauma, for her whole life) over the course of just one single scene.

– Emily

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