THE KAELS 2014: Best Screenplay nominees


Greta Gerwig, Frances Ha
Co-writer(s): Noah Baumbach

Frances Ha 2

Gerwig’s Frances Ha is genuine, awkward, true to life and charming. Gerwig captures the complexities of friendships and the struggles I’m sure we’ve all had at times with being adult-y.

– Erin

Lake Bell, In a World….

I foresee a lot of exciting things coming from Lake Bell in the future. She’s ballsy with her writing, not afraid to write real shit and weird shit that still kind of go well together. I’m also happy to see writing unapologetically about women and about women-specific issues. [Ed’s note: in case you haven’t seen it, In a World… follows one woman’s struggle to break into the male-oriented world of voiceovers.]

– Isa

Brit Marling, The East
Co-writer(s): Zal Batmanglij


Young Brit Marling has impressed me so much with her work so far, writing herself strong and complex lead characters because she simply couldn’t find them in traditional Hollywood scripts. I love her entrepreneurial and creative spirit, and I also think she just happens to be a pretty talented storyteller. Her penchant for a good twist is very dear to my heart.

– Jenna

Jennifer Lee, Frozen


What I loved about Frozen was that it was the perfect blend of classic and contemporary. Take the opening for example: Lion King visuals in a Snow White moment lead into a story of two adventurous sisters. Or take the humour: a sprinkling of traditional, silly physical comedy but contemporary, sarcastic and ironic one-liners throughout. Watching as an adult, I felt nostalgic, but not like I was being spoken down to.

– Michelle

Sofia Coppola, The Bling Ring


While the flick may not have been wholly accurate to the real story, the screenplay on its own was great. It was funny, outrageous, absurd, but fantastic all at the same time. Coppola made you want to hate all of the characters within it, but want to be them at the same time, which is I guess is how the kids felt when they started stealing.- Ashley
Julie Delpy, Before Midnight
Co-writers: Ethan Hawke and Richard Linklater


What’s always made the Before series (see also: Before Sunrise, Before Sunset) so exceptional is the indepth characterizations of the leads, strangers-turned-lovers-turned-husband-and-wife Jesse and Celine, and a part of that has come from the actors playing them (Hawke and Delpy) and their involvement in penning the conversations that drive their relationship (they reportedly reworked much of Sunrise‘s script, and formally assisted director Linklater on Sunset). Delpy’s touch is especially obvious here, as major sections of the screenplay feature raw–sometimes painfully so–conversations between and regarding middle-aged women and their feelings on passion and keeping it burning even when the winds of change are threatening to snuff it out.- Emily
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