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Every year when we’re watching the Oscars, we find ourselves saying, “But where are the golden girls?” Sure, the ladies have their own categories (Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress) to get excited about, but when it comes to most other major ones, female voices are shut out, even just for a nomination. And even when they do get a nomination, it’s rare that they win (case in point: it was just five years ago Kathyrn Bigelow became the first woman–ever!–to get a Best Director statue).

In previous years, we’ve just sat on the sidelines making this commentary, but this year, we’ve decided it’s time to stand up and do something about it. And by something we mean we decided to create our own miniature version of The Oscars dedicated specifically to honouring women who made significant achievements in film in 2013. Over the next five days we’ll roll out the five-category (Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Screenwriter, Best Director and Best Film) nominees list, which was chosen by our six main filles (editors and co-creators Emily and Michelle, associate editors Ashley and Erin, and long-running writers Jenna Isa). And on Saturday, the day before the actual Oscars, we’ll reveal the winners as voted on by the rest of the currently working filles.

We thought about the name for these awards for quite some time and we decided to call them The Kaels after one of our favourite industry ladies, the late, great film critic Pauline Kael. Just like Pauline used to challenge opinions and tradition with her passionate reviews, we hope to use the Kaels to challenge the expectations and traditions of awards season this year and for years to come.

– E & M


2 responses to “INTRODUCING “THE KAELS”

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