cool runnings


What it’s about: Jamaica’s first bobsled team that made it to the Calgary Olympics in 1988.

Who’s in it: Sanka! (Doug E. Doug: yes that’s his name), Leon (from Madonna’s Like a Prayer video), John Candy and Calgary!

When it came out: 1993

How come you haven’t heard of (or just seen) it: I’m sure you’ve heard of the Jamaican bobsled movie but you might not know it’s a true story! You also might have avoided it (like I did, until my very good friend forced me to watch it 30 times and gave it to me for my birthday) because it’s unbelievably cheesy and silly. Cue a million jokes about Canada being cold and Jamaica being hot!

Why you need to watch it immediately!

  • Because this year at the Sochi Olympics, Jamaica will have a bobsled team!! Jamaica hasn’t had a bobsled team at the Olympics since 2002 and thanks to a huge online financial campaign with donations from a bunch of different countries, the team this year can afford to go. Reminding us all that Disney dreams really do come true *barf*
  • Because it’s a great example of 90s Disney/kids movie cheese. Complete with a jingles, PG jokes and exploring cultural differences
  • The bar fight scene featuring Canada’s own Peter Outerbridge doing an almost-German accent
  • Sports montages, uplifting speeches, underdogs, bobsleds, brotherhood, walking on ice for the first time, 90s turtlenecks, watered down accents, believing in yourself and an egg
  • The true origin of the slow clap

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