Three Night Stand



In this frigid weather, a weekend at a middle-of-nowhere bed and breakfast sounds a bit risky. But watching others fumble through it in the most hilariously awkward manner from the comfort of a heated movie theatre could be just the schadenfreude-stuffed ticket, right? That’s precisely why you should consider spending the night with Three Night Stand this weekend.

Although set in the dead of Quebec winter, there’s a definite warmth to the relationship dramedy that can’t be ignored. A slightly pervy, off-kilter warmth. Following a couple (Being Human‘s Sam Huntington and Meaghan Rath) on a romantic getaway weekend that gets awkward when find out the lodge they’re staying at is owned by the husband’s hot, still-on-his-mind ex (Emmanuelle Chriqui, Entourage), Three Night Stand is nice mixture of salty jokes and genuine emotional revelations, topped off by some really damn charming performances.

While the script can be a little too overtly Canadian at times (one character yelps that he has all “the Rookie Blues PVR’d!”), they way the cast, especially the leads, carry it makes any not-so-great lines easy to–since we’re on the topic of wintery things–skate over. It likely helps that Huntington and Rath have a history together, but they really do capture the dysfunctional dichotomy of that can be married life. Between their first painfully weird car sex scene to their occasional pissy/pithy little fights, they’re the embodiment of the couple that everyone in a long-term relationship worries they’re going to become. And that’s before you throw in Chriqui’s manipulative Robyn and the pile of baggage that Huntington’s Carl still drags around from his time with her.

Their cutting chemistry, along with some bitingly funny secondary characters played by Jonathan Cherry (Goon) and Reagan Pasternak (Being Erica), makes Three Night Stand stand taller that you might expect a flick from a still-pretty-fresh filmmaker (actor turned director Pat Kiely) would. Surely it’s not without problems (just when the going really gets, well going, it ends rather abruptly), but neither are aging romances nor bnbs.


*Three Night Stand is now playing in Vancouver (The Rio) and will open in Toronto (The Royal) on February 1 and Montreal (Cinema du Parc) on February 7.*


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