DON’T YOU FORGET ABOUT: Being John Malkovich

malkovich poster

What it’s about: A puppeteer finds a portal into the mind of John Malkovich and realizes he can puppeteer the actor against his will.

Who’s in it: John Cusack, Cameron Diaz, Catherine Keener, John Malkovich

When it came out: 1999

How come you haven’t heard of (or just seen) it: It’s that weird movie that’s just a little too out there for you to watch as a kid. And it’s a little disturbing to watch as a preteen. And, okay, it’s kind of a messed up movie. If you wanted to watch this as a youth, chances were that your parents slapped the “Hell No” sign over this movie.

Why you need to watch it–immediately!

  • The cinematography is gorgeous–think about all those camera angles you can get when you’re inside someone’s eyes
  • John Malkovich is such a good sport about this movie, which gives it some points in my book
  • John Cusack’s character is nothing like what we’ve grown used to seeing him as. His character is dark, selfish and cruel, so there will be no boomboxes or Peter Gabriel here!
  • Cameron Diaz in not a chick flick–it’s refreshing!
  • The movie’s tagline “Have you ever wanted to be someone else?” hits you close to home. The movie’s job is to show you how okay you are with just being in your own head
  • There are times where you laugh because it’s funny and there are times where you laugh because your body just doesn’t know how to cope with how uncomfortable you are. Maybe that turns you off from films, but I personally can’t get enough of it
  • It’s a great and often neglected, sci-fi movie

And for those who have already seen it, everyone’s favourite scene.

ArianaAriana goes to Dalhousie University, where she’s doing a History and English combined honours. Her favourite things are America, Mexican food, being the worst Ukrainian ever, and Stanley Kubrick.

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