GIMME FIVE: Movies with strong women


As we revel in the female-powered family drama that is August: Osage County, Chassity offers up some suggestions for other films starring strong women.

Mona Lisa Smile


You have to give this one credit for its great cast and its message that women have value in more than just our beauty. It also addresses women’s freedom to be whatever they want to be without unfair labels. It’s all-inclusive in terms of featuring the sexually liberated woman, the meek girl who has been unfairly devalued based on her looks and weight, the repressed young woman who has succumbed to the gender roles tradition has laid out for her, and the girl having trouble choosing between choosing between being a traditional woman and a dream career.

The Help

The Help (2)

There is an old saying that women are like tea bags: you never know truly strong women are until you’ve seen one in hot water. The Help is a film that truly shows how accurate this saying is.  It’s about black women staying strong, self-aware, and morally sound in the face of countless humiliations and belittling experiences.Their courage during a time when everything was set up to make these women feel worthless is immense.

Steel Magnolias


What’s special about a film revolving around average women who gab and share their lives as they primp their hair and nails? The fact that this movie was so much more than that. It’s special because there has always beena cliche that women are irrational, emotional, catty creatures who can’t even get along with each other. This is a popular stereotype that serves no purpose other than to trivialize women’s intelligence,and this movie flies in the face of that, given that the strength and courage of all the women comes from their bond with each other and the way they lift each other up.

Thelma and Louise


There is no movie that makes me more proud to be a woman. The way both characters become stronger, bolder, and more determined as the movie goes on is so thrilling. Not to mention that the film’s whole adventure starts with a shooting to stop a rape, bringing an important social issue into the film’s world. The way the two women refuse to give up and refuse to see themselves as victims, but find their power in overcoming tragedy, has and will always resonate with me.



What’s better than an outspoken woman in a film? More than one. Two women with very different personalities fighting for the right to be, and the right to love two children in their own way without being judged for it, or subjected to anyone else’s standards and ideas of what it means to love, to be a mother.

One response to “GIMME FIVE: Movies with strong women

  1. I still haven’t seen Thelma and Louise! I really must get around to watching it.

    I can’t wait to see August: Osage County. I’m going to go and see it next weekend with my mother and sister. I think it will be a good movie for a girls’ night out.

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