Never Seen It!, Holiday Edition: The Holiday

Holiday_ The v1


Date released: 2006

The gist: Both Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet decide they need a drastic change for their holiday time and do a house swap after finding each other online. Diaz goes to a cottage in rural England and Winslet goes to a Hollywood mansion. They both meet some dudes and learn some lessons about life. Love blossoms and friendships blossom and hilarious cultural differences are explored.

Why I Grinch-ed out and avoided it: I do enjoy a movie that’s cozy, full of love, snow, and all that holiday mushy crap. But this movie looked more like a rom-com than a holiday movie. It became unavoidable when they started playing it every year on TV.

Merry mistakes:

  • Slipping in snow gags. Sigh.
  • Jude Law trying to convince us he’s a sensitive, misunderstood single dad.
  • Jack Black with Kate Winslet. AND Jack Black with Shannyn Sossamon?! WHAT?
  • Too many tragically long speeches about being sad.
  • The worst of the worst? The completely out-of-place storyline about Kate Winslet and her old neighbour striking up a friendship for no reason, and teaching each other about life and love while reminiscing about old Hollywood and how new Hollywood is shit. Huh?

Magical moments:

  • Cameron Diaz’s “Bored and Kind of Drunk at the Cottage” montage. Been there.
  • British little kids in a tent saying adorable kid things but all Britishy.
  • Jude Law being Jude Law.

Happy holiday or ho-ho-horrible? Despite this movie being directed by rom-com queen Nancy Meyers, The Holiday is just not there. It’s just too blah–I almost fell asleep just writing about it.


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