Never Seen It: OLDBOY (2003)


Date released: November 21, 2003

Date watched: November 10, 2013

Why now?: I’ve been putting it off for no reason for forever, so why not now?!

Why not then?: I was a teenager in 2003 and lived in a place that thought The Full Monty was a super foreign movie. Also, it’s almost exactly 10 years since its release!

Expectations: I wasn’t really sure what to expect! People have been telling me for years that Oldboy is incredible and amazing and I gotta see it. I was expecting some violence and some beautiful scenes, but honestly I love going into a movie knowing nothing.

What I actually got:

  • I did my research after I watched it and found that it’s part of a trilogy that includes Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (a gem; go watch it) and directed by superstar Park Chan-wook. This means that all the hype and awards were warranted. It really is an amazing movie.
  • Incredibly executed scenes, notably the hallway fight scene and, my favourite, the drunk police station scene.
  • Super gross stuff (in the best way) like eating a live octopus (which was real!!) and some gross sex stuff too…but not in the best way.
  • A great cast that did serious justice to the super complicated, twisty, exciting story.

One night-in stand or second date potential?: Second and third date potential, for sure. I feel like I need to watch all of The Vengeance Trilogy and really get the whole experience. What is with South Korea; they just get it film-wise, am I right? I can’t do this film real justice in a short review, all I can say is, “Go see it.”

After finally seeing the original South Korean mega-hit Oldboy, I can’t wait to see the American remake (I never say that), mostly because I love Spike Lee.


One response to “Never Seen It: OLDBOY (2003)

  1. I definitely think you need to watch the trilogy. Given the ‘remake’ just came out, I’d say stick with this original & pay repeat visits, as necessary. Nice review.

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