Delivery Man

Delivery Man

I want to punch myself in the face at the thought of Vince Vaughn being such a movie star, so when I saw that he would be starring in the Hollywood remake of the Quebec hit Starbuck (that little Canadian indie that was all the buzz at TIFF 2011) I thought my face would never recover. 

Director/writer Ken Scott did double duty on the original and this stupid remake (which I have seen both of). Why someone would choose to remake their own movie almost shot-for-shot with a fancier cast and a bigger budget, I don’t know. OH WAIT, yes I do. Giant sighs all around.

This sad attempt at a “feel-good” is about a dead beat who finds out a whole pile of his sperm donations were used and he fathered 500 or so kids. He then attempts to get his shit together and be a good guy/dad. All is right with the world.

This movie is all kinds of bad: it isn’t funny, it isn’t sweet, Vaughn is the least convincing feel-good lead, there are sad attempts at jokes, there are sad attempts at heart-felt moments and it makes light of lots of not-so-light subjects, like addiction. Just no. How could this movie be fine and cute in Quebec, but when everything is kept mostly the same, the remake be so bad? OH WAIT, I answered my own question again.

All that being said, the really sad part about this whole mockery was the fact that this perfectly fine and charming Quebecois movie has been basically ignored and erased by this totally forgettable remake. I know I’m answering all my own question here, but why can’t a fun little movie get some theatre time in the rest of Canada and the US? God forbid any English using moviegoers have to read subtitles. I guarantee that no one in my packed theatre even heard about the original. My faith in movie humanity is a little diminished.


(This didn’t get an F just because of the director–Get it together Ken!)


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