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Eli Roth may have stepped down from the director’s chair for this one, but he still manages to be the man behind this lackluster effort that is nothing new from the horror director.

Aftershock tells the story of a group of tourists visiting Chile, Eli Roth in the starring role as a man named Gringo visiting his two friends who live there, and a group of girls of varying backgrounds who they meet at a nightclub. The first half of the film is rather tame, showing these adult men exploring the town and surprisingly not focused on sex in the way that other Eli Roth films like Hostel or other horror films in general are. There is an adult contemporary vibe, these older men who want to feel young and who do so by going clubbing and trying to pick up younger girls.

They are mildly successful at this as they meet a 21-year-old party animal Kiley (Lorenza Izzo) and her strict older sister, Monica (Andrea Osvart), who in the midst of an earthquake get stuck with the three men.

The horror in this story is the earthquake that hits, but of course, that is not enough violence and gore for the Eli Roth brand of film. The earthquake scenes are alarming and chaotic but also campy and over the top. What really makes things worse is the group of prisoners who escape in the midst of this, and instead of simply running free, decide to wreak even more havoc by torturing and raping those who are still alive.

The film goes for shocks over story, and amounts to nothing to be excited about. While there is some more plot driven, emotional elements, it is nothing that we haven’t seen before. The acting is all around mediocre, but the story is unoriginal and tired. Take x amount of people, throw them into x place, and give them x disaster to deal with, and it results in the same old horror story that is done again and again. The film is cringe-worthy to watch, not just because of the gore, but because of how bad it is. You can guess how it will end just as it begins. There’s nothing quite so shocking about Aftershock.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDVPnzQMNLY]

adrianaAdriana Floridia is a girl who has been passionate about film her whole life. Get to know her on Twitter @adrifloridia.


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