What it’s about: A dark comedy about a bachelor party in Vegas gone awry and Bridezilla. But it’s really a satire about immorality and self-preservation.

Who’s in it: Jon Favreau, Christian Slater, Cameron Diaz, Jeremy Piven and Daniel Stern

When it came out: 1998

Why you need to watch it–immediately:

  • It’s funny and clever and savage–if you like dark comedies in the vein of Heathers and War of the Roses. If you like warm and fuzzy, you’ll hate this film. Just go watch something else
  • It’s Peter Berg’s film writing and directorial debut
  • If you liked The Hangover, this is like that, only with a bigger body count and less sympathetic characters
  • Christian Slater’s schmarmy, psychopathic schtick is in full effect
  • Jeremy Piven’s schmarmy with a sliver of humanity schtick is also in full effect
  • The bathroom scene/inciting incident is a shocker
  • The ending is disturbing yet completely gratifying
  • The acting is fantastic all around and keeps the movie grounded, despite the increasingly absurd plot

IreneIrene Karras is a Calgary-based communications consultant and freelance writer with a fondness for 1950s Greek melodramas, 1980s coming of age movies, weird Canadian films, and, by necessity, PG movies. She blogs at and tweets @irene_karras.

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