Slimebone City Horror Film Festival: Kingston’s Horror Film Fest


What better place to have a horror film festival than one of the most haunted cities in Canada: Kingston! The Slimebone City Horror Film Festival is happening this weekend (October 31 – November 2) and it’s gonna be a scream, featuring local, Canadian and international films all for your gross-out pleasure. If you still haven’t grabbed tickets yet, here are some of our personal recommendations.


A homegrown horror-comedy starring Tyler Labine and Malin Akerman in the lead roles in a story about how a perfect family getaway at the cottage can go horribly wrong. Friday, November 1 at 9:15 p.m.


This film from Ireland is for lovers of scary ghost stories. It looks dark, chilling and haunting–everything we love in a supernatural story. Friday, November 1 at 7 p. m.


Sci-fi meets the creature feature in this film also from Ireland, when monstrous, blood-sucking, multi-legged creatures start terrorizing a small town. Saturday, November 2 at 7 p.m.

After all that screaming don’t forget to check out all the events and parties happening throughout the festival. If you’re like us and you love new blood, come by and sample some grade-a contemporary horror meat.


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