GIRLS ON HORROR (Oct. 26): Jen and Sylvia Soska


Role in the horror community: Head sisters (literally–these Canadians are identical twins!) of the gloriously gory modern feminist horror revolution

Claim to fame: Dead Hooker in a Trunk, the 2009 breakthrough independent feature which they wrote, directed, produced and starred in for a mere $2,500 after making a short film of the same name for school. The success of that film would get them the attention that would help finance their next project, the gore-soaked, girl-powered hit American Mary, and the start up of their production company, Twisted Twins Productions.

Weapon of choice: Their fierce fearlessness. Or rather, their unwillingness to let other people’s fears and/or expectations of them or film deter them from making the beautifully and brutally graphic (or, I suppose “twisted”) movies they want to make.

The thing that actually got me interested in their work in the first place was reading that when they were putting together their original Dead Hooker in a Trunk short, they actually took the list of things their program deemed “too inappropriate” to include and made a point to do all of it. That and the fact that fellow polarizing modern horror icon Eli Roth (Cabin Fever, Hostel) said that what they’re doing is “fucking awesome.”

Why they’re bloody brilliant: Aside from the fact that they make badass movies with killer female protagonists (American Mary stars none other than Ginger Snaps lead Katharine Isabelle and follows a lady butcher!) completely on their own accord? They are also big supporters of supporting other women, in film and real life. They’ve done some great PSAs for blood drives during Women in Horror Month, and when Cinefilles contacted them earlier this year about an interview for American Mary, they were extremely excited at the prospect of helping out another group of ladies hellbent on empowerment through horror film.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to connect with the gals then, as they were overloaded with American Mary press commitments. But that in itself excites us, as it shows that they are continuing to blow up. We should have plenty of other chances to talk to them too, as their next film — See No Evil 2 starring Isabelle and fellow Girls on Horror icon Danielle Harris (the Halloween series) — might be their most exciting one yet.

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