THE FILLES TAKE TADFF ’13: Day 9 (Oct. 25)

Our top pick for Day 9 of the 2013 Toronto After Dark Film Festival. Come back daily for new suggestions

BIG BAD WOLVES (9:30 p.m.)

As Toronto After Dark draws to a close, it’s not difficult to decide what our final recommendation will be, especially when it’s backed by Quentin Tarantino, who says “Not only is this the best film in Busan, this is the best film of the year.” Easily, we put horror-comedy Big Bad Wolves on our must-watch list.

With similar tones to Prisoners–a vengeful father torturing a suspect, posing a moral dilemma–we’re sure Big Bad Wolves will be just as dark, or, dare we say, even darker.

Screens with short film Corvus.

ALSO PLAYING: Cheap Thrills (7 p.m.)

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