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What’s it about: It’s kind of set out like one of your worst nightmares, you know, the ones where the rooms in a house or space don’t make any sort of sense? Cube throws a group of people into, well, a giant cube. And inside the cube exist these nightmare-ish rooms (ie. more cubes). The group must form as a unit in order to get out and find out why they were put there in the first place.

Who’s in it: Maurice Dean Wint, David Hewlett, Nicole de Boer

When it came out: 1997 (AKA The Year of the Spice Girls)

How come you haven’t heard of (or just seen) it: Well, I was seven years old and had just seen The Exorcist, so I wasn’t allowed to watch more scary movies for a while. My brother got me to watch the movie with him one night, but if it wasn’t for my brother’s need to see every horror movie he could get his hands on, I would probably have never seen it. It seems that the idea of throwing strangers into a room together has become very much a Saw franchise thing (which began 7 years after Cube), even though we all know that being in a small area with any number of people is everyone’s greatest nightmare.

Why you need to watch it immediately!

  • So 90s. The whole movie just looks like a 90s movie
  • Unlike most horror movies now a days, not everyone is a white dude
  • You kind of have no idea what is going on for a while. It’s quite difficult to accurately predict
  • Suspenseful math. Which is how math feels to me all the time
  • That genuine feeling where you want to look over at the person you’re watching with and mouth “WHAT IS GOING ON?”

ArianaAriana goes to Dalhousie University, where she’s doing a History and English combined honours. Her favourite things are America, Mexican food, being the worst Ukrainian ever, and Stanley Kubrick.

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