GIRLS ON HORROR (Oct. 22): Julie James


julie james

Role in the horror community: Final girl next door

Claim to Fame: Being the token “reluctant participant” in the cover up of the not-quite-murder of Ben Willis, and then being a key player in the actual murder of Will Willis. In other words, she was the definitive ’90s thriller “It” girl played by Jennifer Love Hewitt in I Know What You Did Last Summer and its sequel.

Weapon of Choice: Her conscience. She’s just a high school girl who went along with a bad decision, and we forgive her because she’s pretty and oh-so-naïve. Being suspicious and nagging all her friends that their actions would come back to bite them in the ass arguably ends up saving hers in the end.

Why she’s bloody brilliant: Julie James is the quintessential thriller heroine–she’s the smart good girl who just wants to do the right thing. Her and Sidney Prescott represent the best scary movie clichés to come out of the ’90s-they’re beautiful, they wear sexy tank tops, they have cool boyfriends (not counting those times when they think their boyfriends might secretly be murderers), they’re jumpy, and, when the pressure’s on, they’re not afraid to stand in the middle of the street and yell out to the unknown, “What are you waiting for?!”

Plus, they always seem to bounce back from their horrible experiences, at least enough to appear happy and well adjusted in the opening scenes of the sequel.

LaurenA media studies grad and pop culture junkie currently navigating the strange and mysterious world of corporate communications, Lauren spends most of her time buried under an ever-growing pile of TBR novels. Based in Toronto, she can be found at the local theatre every Tuesday for cheap movie night. Follow her on Twitter @laurenxnisbet

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