GIRLS ON HORROR (Oct.19): P. J. Soles

pj soles

Role in the horror community: Actress and totally super-supporting victim chick

Claim to fame: Her role as the bully Norma in Carrie put her on the map and she was in turn sought out by John Carpenter specifically for the role (which was rumoured to be written especially for her) as Lynda van der Klok in Halloween.

Weapon of choice: Tampons in Carrie

Why she’s bloody brilliant: There will always be a place for the supporting actress in horror movies. Because otherwise, the movie would likely be five minutes long and would only last long enough for the main character to either get away, get the murderer caught or die. Post-Carrie and Halloween, she stayed true to her supporting role through B-movies and Rob Zombie’s The Devil’s Rejects.

P. J. Soles is a kickass supporting actress, both as a bully and a totally ditzy friend who just picked the wrong place to make out with her boyfriend (don’t you hate it when some crazy masked killer ruins your sexy time with your bf?). Also, THAT HAT. Not just anyone can pull of a hat and pigtails like that.

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