THE FILLES TAKE TADFF ’13: Day 1 (Oct. 17)

Our top pick for Day 1 of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival. Come back daily for new suggestions.


Between Eli Roth’s Green Inferno and Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal TV series, cannibals are serving up horror fangirl realness right now. So it’s no shocker that TAD would pick this flick, a people-eating remake from Stakeland‘s Jim Mickle, to serve as the opening course for this year’s fest.

We haven’t seen the Mexican original, but this trailer looks like Frailty with daughters and if you’ve seen that underrated Matthew McConaughey movie, you know we mean that as a complement. And it got some pretty good press following its screenings at Sundance and Cannes earlier this year.

Screens with short film Kin

ALSO PLAYING: Bounty Hunter (9:30 p.m.)

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