GIRLS ON HORROR (Oct. 15): Barbara Crampton

barbara crampton2

Role in the horror community: Genre babe and matron of strong female characters

Claim to fame: The Re-Animator, the gory H.P. Lovecraft-inspired flick in which she played Megan Halsey, the layered love interest of a med student (Bruce Abbott’s Dan Cain) helping his roomie (Jeffrey Combs’ Herbert West) bring the dead back to life.

Weapon of choice: Her steely/sexy glare, courtesy of her icy baby blues, and sex appeal. But also her smarts, as she frequently goes toe-to-toe with supposed male powerhouses (i.e. med student bf, other scientists).

Why she’s bloody brilliant: Aside from the whole one-upping dudes thing? She’s a recognized supportive of the genre, and empowering women through it, once noting that one thing you “don’t see often enough in horror films are smart and capable women.”

After her success with Re-Animator, Hershey went on a horror binge, co-starring in some of the camp classics of the ’80s including Chopping Mall, From Beyond and Puppetmaster (although, she only had a cameo in that last one). Each time, her characters were strong-willed in their own way, wielding (blood) bags of emotional, physical, mental and/or sexual strength.

Crampton remains entirely faithful to the horror fandom, still turning up at conventions (she was at Toronto’s Fan Expo back in August) and appearing in newbie genre faves including female-focused Rob Zombie film Lords of Salem (again, that part was hella brief) and the indie flick You’re Next. She’s been a particularly vocal supporter of You’re Next, often taking to Twitter to sing the praises of its cast and crew. It’s no shocker really, considering that You’re Next features one of the most notable final girls in years, a woman who is remarkably quick on her feet, using her handy capabilities and survival smarts to fight against the masked and unmasked evils surrounding her.

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