GIRLS ON HORROR (Oct. 14): Daria Nicolodi


daria nicolodi


Role in the horror community: Screenwriter, and, temporarily, Dario Argento’s other half (professionally and personally)

Claim to fame: Her ex-partner. As much as I hate to say it, she’s overshadowed by his success. Suspiria is often thought of as one of Argento’s movies. Although he did direct and co-write it, the story came from Nicolodi’s grandmother. Nicolodi teamed up with her then-boyfriend, the burgeoning horror director, to churn out the story she’d been told in her childhood.

Weapon of choice: Magic. She likes to sprinkle a little something supernatural into her stories.

Why she is bloody brilliant: If the cult classic Suspiria alone is not enough to convince you, she also lent a hand in penning its sequel Inferno. Actually, she’s not credited on the sequel, but the tones from the first film undoubtedly continue strong, and rumour has it, her messy break-up with Argento got in the way of her due credit (although the two separated five years after the film’s release). It’s tough to say exactly how much she collaborated with Argento on screenwriting, but as his real-life and professional partner, it’s inarguable that she must have had some influence. Post break-up, she also penned some much-less-famous horror scripts.

Nicolodi’s also had her fair share of time on-screen, starring in several of Argento’s most famous films, including SuspiriaInferno, Phenomena and Opera, among others, and never failing to deliver. Like her screenwriting career, her acting career also continued post-Argento, with less success. In some ways, it’s fair to say that her career relied on their partnership, but judging by Argento’s filmography, it’s only reasonable to say that his did too.

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