GIRLS ON HORROR (Oct. 13): Danielle Harris




Role in the horror community: Final girl/Possible villain/Halloween enthusiast/director. Basically, full-out present day scream queen.

Claim to fame: Halloween 4, the movie that brought Michael Myers’ family back into the Halloween realm (Halloween III had nothing to do with Mike, and everything to do with these Silver Shamrock masks). Her Jamie became Michael’s new target, as she was billed as the late Laurie Strode’s daughter, and thus, his niece and only living relative. Well, until she turned into a killer herself at the end of the film …

Weapon of choice: In the Halloween films, a pair of scissors and her humanity (she weakens Michael’s incessant drive to kill a few times by simply reaching out to him). In general, her refusal to be involved in horror films without strong female characters.

Why she’s bloody brilliant: You know that part about her becoming a killer? Well, the reason her Jamie ends up stabbing her foster mom at the end of Halloween 4 isn’t because she’s naturally evil, but because she’s psychically linked with Michael and he compels her to do so. But aside from that moment, she doesn’t let Mike get to her, fighting as hard as she can to get away from him and his influence with the help of Dr. Loomis (fellow Halloween regular Donald Pleasence). She is determined not to become the next victim of the Myers family curse.

Granted, Jamie does get killed by Michael in the sixth Halloween flick, The Curse of Michael Myers, but Harris doesn’t play that version of her. Apparently it was her choice too — she was offered the role again, but decided against taking it because she didn’t like the defeatist twist to her character’s survivor girl story.

Harris wouldn’t return to the Halloween series until Rob Zombie’s recent remakes. This time around, she’d play Laurie Strode’s best friend Annie Bracket, and live to see the sequel (Halloween II). She fully embraces her horror background though, acting in (Left For Dead, Hatchet II and III, Stake Land and Robert Englund co-starring web series Fear Clinic), producing (Bloody Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet) and directing (2012’s Among Friends) genre films.  She remains all about empowerment too, and is pegged to star in the latest Twisted Twins’ flick, See No Evil 2, which also features fellow modern female horror legend Katherine Isabelle (Ginger Snaps, American Mary).


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