GIRLS ON HORROR (Oct. 7): Amy Holden Jones




Role in the horror community: Director and writer of a slasher classic

Claim to fame: 1982’s Slumber Party Massacre

Weapon of Choice: Humour, parody, shadowy scares, a big ass drill and sneaky feminist messages.

Why she’s bloody brilliant: I could talk about Slumber Party Massacre all day, but I’ll keep it short.

Jones is brilliant because she took a close look at female characters in horror, pushed the stereotypes so far they became impossible to avoid (and laugh at). She also parodied the misplaced aggression and hypersexuality of male killers. The movie ended up a lot more serious than intended by the writers (A. H. Jones and feminist activist Rita Mae Brown), but the message is still loud and clear, and the audience remains forced to question what they have been watching in other movies.

Though Jones dabbled in other genres, she’s most famous for this slasher gem. Her style is a perfect combo of wit and gore with all the nudity you can dream of. Her satirical approach and her all-lady perspective makes her unique to the genre/era. She solidified her place in ’80s horror director royalty by making a film made for fans of the genre. Nothing says horror movie magic like eating pizza off a dead guy.

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